AFROTC Commissioning


The Air Force ROTC Det 028 commissioned 21 brand new 2nd Lt.s this afternoon! It was a very exciting ceremony that showed once more how excellent the detachment here at Embry-Riddle in Prescott, AZ is. Two distinguished graduates were named at the event and awarded as their proud families stood by. As a cadet here at Embry-Riddle commissioning is one of the most important events in your career, it is the day that you become an officer. After 4 to 5 years of long, hard work, you have achieved the end goal. For this reason it is very inspiring for cadets who are not yet at the point of graduation to attend as well. Watching a commissioning is motivating as you get to see your friends enter a new and exciting stage in their careers.

If you are a cadet here or at another University I strongly encourage you to attend a commissioning ceremony. For those of our potential students who may be reading this, when you are thinking about your future do not loose sight of the end goal. Ensure that you choose a University that has a reputation for excellence in your chosen field. If it is AFROTC and engineering that you decide on then Embry-Riddle’s Prescott campus is the place to be! We look forward to seeing you here in the future. 🙂

Preview Day is here!


If you happen to be visiting Embry-Riddle in Prescott this weekend for preview day feel free to grab a student you see wandering around campus and say hello!! The majority of students are very friendly (they won’t bite!) and all of them are willing to share their experiences with potential students.

Preview Day is a very exciting day for all of us here to meet our future potential freshman and recruit them into activities or organizations that they might enjoy. Each of our campus organizations are like a smaller family in a large community of students. We all get along well and support the other organizations by going to their events and fundraisers. Many campus organizations also do community service events. So if any of our new freshman are interested in gaining a family away from home and giving back to the community at the same time then please stop by the organization booths that will be set up on preview day 🙂 We would all love to meet you and help you find the perfect fit here at Riddle.

Preview Day is also a good day to check out our academic buildings on campus and meet some of the professors that you will be learning from in the future. Preview Day is all about YOU!!! College is one of the biggest growing/learning experiences you will have in your life so please come prepared with questions for our faculty, staff, and students. We would love to take part in your college decision and hopefully, make Embry Riddle the right place for you 🙂

Good Friends at Riddle

AFROTC!!!! Im in the middle :)

AFROTC!!!! Im in the middle 🙂

Since I have been at Embry-Riddle I have made many crazy awesome friends all because of AFROTC. Joining ROTC has definitely been my best decision yet and the friends I have made as a result will be long lasting due to the things that we have been through together. From day one with my flight in zero week we began a training journey with shared experiences, struggles, and sacrifices. Unfortunately, not everyone has made it through to junior year but, regardless we are all still close friends.

I think that that my ROTC friends have helped me grow personally, academically, and as a leader. As we have all spent many hours preparing for our leadership roles through memorizing procedures, staying up late doing homework, and relying on each other to get to PT in the morning we have become closer and stronger as a team. The friends I have made here are not only friends but, family. We all know the difficulties of being Air Force cadets at a top rated engineering school and without these friends none of us would have been as successful.

If you are looking for a rigorous academic program and a potential future in the US Air Force then Embry-Riddle Prescott is the place for you. The detachment on this campus is known as “The Best in the West”  due to our intense leadership training and professional atmosphere. The program can be stressful and trying however, on completion you will get more out of it than you put in. If you have any questions give us a call today! Our admissions page can be found here.

Spring Semester Update


We are now officially two weeks into the Spring Semester and so far it seems to be going well (fingers crossed!). So here’s an update on what I’ve been up to so far: homework, meetings, phone calls, work, ROTC, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, and cooking. Obviously, its been a busy two weeks but it hasn’t been all that bad.

Oddly enough, living and working where you go to school is actually pretty fun. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people who have similar hobbies. For instance, I was not very much of a cook when I was in high school but now that I am living on my own I have come to actually enjoy cooking. Because I live on campus I have been able to meet tons of other people who enjoy cooking too.

The same is true for classes and ROTC. In all the different courses/activities that I am involved in I have met tons of interesting people that make learning/leading fun even when under stress. My favorite course is Structures partly because I love the topic and also because the people I work with in study groups are awesome to hang out with.


Because of the culture student of Embry-Riddle even the stressful times can be a lot of fun. That is why the past two weeks of the semester haven’t been bad, even though they have been loaded with work and trying to handle an new schedule. So, for our potential freshman class of 2015, please take the student culture into consideration when it comes time to accept your college offers this semester. Thanks for reading everyone!

First Day of Classes!!

First Day Selfie!!

First Day Selfie!!

Welcome back everyone! Hope break was great for our returning students and for our prospective students. 🙂  We are all very excited to be coming back to classes for the Spring semester (although another week of break would’ve been awesome). I will give you the low down on the Spring Semester in college, so if you are interested in Embry Riddle you can get an idea of how it all works.

Spring is usually better. I’m not really sure why but, most people have better schedules and have a lot more fun during the semester than in Fall. It may just be because of Spring Break but, there are also more off days during the Spring Semester due to other random holidays. This semester is actually going to be an interesting one for me due to my ROTC jobs, courses, and work. I have a pretty good school schedule but I will be spending 8+ hours a week preparing the Honor Corps for our competition at SCIDM (Southern California Invitational Drill Meet). If you would like to know more about the drill meet please keep following my blog, I will post some cool pics when the time comes! You can also comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions 🙂

Honor Guard, one of the three teams in Honor Corps

Honor Guard, one of the three teams in Honor Corps

So one last thing, I am curious to know what everyone did over break? I just went home and hung out with my family, nothing too fun.

LOL. Comment below to share your break with us, we would love to know what you got to do!

Embry Outreach at White River Apache Reservation


Something Embry-Riddle is very good at (one of the many things) is community outreach. This year I had the honor to take part in one the ERAU’s outreach programs, in conjunction with Chi Alpha (a program which I am also highly involved in), Innovation Club (also highly involved in), Rocketry Club, and ERAU Admissions. The event was created for outreach and promotion for Embry-Riddle and the pursuit for higher education in general.


Me and about 14 other people from Chi Alpha, a club on campus that revolves around making life long memories through crazy adventures and pursuing our Creator (check it out here >> ), trekked off in two vans to White River Apache reservation. Our adventure would take part over two days. The first night we went to their last high school football game and put on a halftime show. It started with Freshman Lee Morris launching off a high-altitude weather balloon, soaring high into the night sky with flashing LED’s before disappearing forever. Secondly, we launched a scratch-built 5-foot tall rocket that we had built using the Student Innovation Center (Innovation club) and some expertise from the Rocketry Club. It featured a cardboard fuselage, 3d-printed fins and nose cone, and a custom motor to send it to 700 feet. It was quite spectacular, and the crowd loved it.


The next morning, we headed off to the local High school, Middle school, and Elementary school. All day, we taught classes on aviation, college, and pursuing a higher education. We were able to inspire kids to high school, to strive for their dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Watch the story unfold hereColton Chi Alpha 1


This event was definitely one of the most memorable parts of my freshman year so far. It definitely makes me thankful for what I have been blessed with, and gives me a hunger to help those around me pursue their dreams as I am pursuing mine.


All those applications!!!!

All those applications!!!!


It’s almost that time of year again when internship applications are coming out so preparation of the perfect resume must begin!! Many of our first year students get an internship after their first year at Embry-Riddle so take heed prospective students. There are plenty of opportunities out there for amazing internship experiences. Your resume can also get a good summer job lined up for you so you can still make some cash and get a little professional experience whether or not it is at an internship or at a grocery store.

Embry-Riddle actually has a career services department for students who are preparing their resumes for potential employers. You can get some information on the department here. Please check it out and keep us in mind when you come to choosing your college, Embry-Riddle has so much to offer you in college and beyond. Thanks for reading!!!

Open House!


On Saturday, October 18th, Embry-Riddle hosted its annual Open House. Being a current student and student employee of ERAU Admissions, I was beyond ecstatic to see the turnout and talk to future Embry-Riddle students. Over 225 students plus their families were on campus that day! The Riddle experience offered was incredible, students were not only able to meet with faculty and staff, but they were also able to meet with current students, such as myself. This day started bright and early at 8:30am, and from then on students were able to socialize with other future classmates and learn more about the University. My favorite part of the day was being in charge of the Campus and Flight Line Tours.


As a Senior Tour Guide, I managed various other student employees, and also had to make sure that all the tours went out at the correct times. I had many people approach me to ask me not only about the campus but also about student life, here at ERAU. I absolutely loved my job because not only was I able to share my experience, but it felt good knowing that my opinion was going to positively impact someone else’s life. As the day came to a close around 3:00pm, it felt good knowing that I did my job to the best of my ability, and that I helped many future students decide on attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I hope to see all of them in the near future!


Everyday Life


For those of our prospective students who may want to know what college life is like, today I am going to give you an overview 🙂

So for one, its kind of like living in a hotel with tons of other semi permanent residents. Since you are all living around each other for 8ish months you get to know people pretty well. So that makes things easy as far as having friends on campus is concerned.

Also, its like your job is going to class. There are some people who really don’t do their job well and there are those who do. It is up to you to choose as you are the boss of your career.

Its not like living at home, no one will do your chores for you and if you are hungry you are responsible for taking care of that. So I suggest learning how to do laundry before you leave home, ironing is a part of laundry as well. There  may be times where you need a nice suit for an interview or event on campus. The rest of the time you can dress how you choose but, remember you must make a good impression on your professors or they will not take you seriously as a student. So basically I suggest you dress within reason, no crazy doo’s, shorts are fine but no booty shorts, shirts should NOT show your stomach, also high heels on campus are so ridiculous. At Embry-Riddle you have to walk everywhere so it’s totally not worth the pain. For guys do not wear sweats or athletic clothes to class, it is sloppy and a lot of professors don’t like it. Try to wear jeans, nicer shorts, and a simple T shirt or polo.

Then of course when classes are done you do homework, hang out with friends, relax, attend campus events, and enjoy the many interesting places in our community 🙂

The whole week pretty much goes like this, some days are busier than most but regardless of the work load its a lot of fun!! Hopefully, you will  join us here soon!!!

Update on Junior Year


As some of you may know, I am a Junior here in Embry Riddle Prescott 🙂 So far this year I have really been enjoying my coursework. A lot of my professors are more trusting in me to get my work done so they don’t collect homework anymore, and for those professors that do collect homework, I seem to be doing pretty well.

I think my favorite class this semester is Structures 1, it is definitely really cool to see how all the past two years of classes applies to the design of an aircraft. My midterm for that class is next week, and I’m nervous but, I am sure it will go well 🙂

Other than that, I am just doing the usual working (and still being broke #collegelife), going to classes, being secretary of an engineering society, and of course my favorite being a POC in AFROTC!!!