Its that time of the semester again, the time we all look forward to and yet simultaneously dread. This will be my second round of finals in college and to be completely honest with you, I am soooooo ready for summer!!

My summer plans involve work, and summer classes but, still 4 credit hours and a job isn’t as hard as 18 and two jobs so I’m excited for my upcoming relaxation time šŸ™‚

It is definitely hard to continue being motivated in order to push through your last few weeks but, I figured i might be able to offer you some small tidbits of advice, take them or leave them, its up to you. Some of my proven finals techniques that got me through high school and my first semester of college are as follows, enjoy!!

1. No Cramming

2. A book is not a pillow…although they sometimes turn into one

3. Organize your study schedule, this will reduce stress and help you keep track of your finals schedule

4. Eat healthfully, bananas are great power food for your brain!!

5. Pranking the library during finals week is strictly OFF LIMITS!!

6. Review everything, but only a few times and then pick out the things you need to study the most and focus on those.

7. Relax, you know your stuff, with some dedicated studying you will be fine šŸ™‚

So good luck everyone, I hope my tips and tricks work for you and if you have any to share please leave a comment, i look forward to hearing from our readers!!!


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