My Summer Plan: Interning with Alaska Airlines

This summer I think will be the best summer yet. Why? I accepted the opportunity to intern with Alaska Airlines working under the Chief Pilot! I am absolutely enthusiastic about getting my internship because it has been my dream of mine to work for Alaska Airlines as a pilot since the age of 4. I know I will not be a pilot for them on this internship, but this is certainly a HUGE first step in the right direction towards that goal.

Where will I be? I will be in Alaska Airlines’ Flight Operations building located on the south east end of the SeaTac airport in Seattle, WA. What will I be doing? I will be assisting the Chief Pilot, the Manager of Flight Operations, and other Flight Operations employees with tasks, projects, reports, and presentations. I am not 100% sure, but I might get to run the aircraft simulators too! I will also be working with another Flight Operations intern in Technical Publications to accomplish various projects that might include some business travel. After talking with the Manager of Flight Operations, he said their past interns had to travel to Anchorage and LAX to complete a taxi time project. I have no idea what the project was, but it sounded pretty cool.

Me on an Alaska Airlines flight

The coolest part of the entire internship is the opportunity the opportunity to jumpseat in the cockpit! Essentially, this is job shadowing, but it is my chance to observe the Captain and First Officer as they fly. From before start all the way to shut down, I will be taking notes on how a normal flight is conducted. I will even get a chance to jumpseat and observe my inspiration to becoming a pilot and my mentor, my uncle!

737 Cockpit from the Co-Pilot’s side

Here is my speech of encouragement. Word hard for what you want to do. If you put in the effort, it WILL pay off. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it is honestly the truth! I worked hard, starting freshman year here at Riddle, to get this internship and was selected after 3 rounds of interviews. I highly recommend going for an internship. It is a terriffic learning experience where you get industry experience and put your foot in the door with an airline. I have friends interning with Delta, Express Jet, FedEx, Ameriflight, and Cape Air. The internships are out there. All you have to do is work hard and apply.

2 thoughts on “My Summer Plan: Interning with Alaska Airlines

  1. Hello! I wanted to follow up on your internship experience – was it everything you hoped it would be? And what was the interview process like? I am hoping to get an internship with them Summer 2016 in the marketing department.

    • Hi Emma,
      Thanks for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately Jason has already graduated and is a pilot with Ameriflight. I talked with him frequently when he was a student here so I know that he absolutely loved his experience with Alaska Air. He was welcomed and truly contributed to an important project while with them plus he enjoyed the travel benefits.

      Are you looking to attend ERAU next fall?


      Michelle Tissot
      Associate Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment
      Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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