Choosing Your Classes

For all of our current students you must register for courses this week for spring!! For Seniors the date was Monday, Juniors (today), Sophomores Wednesday, and Freshman Thursday. It is a great time to take advantage of your academic advisor’s expertise. Meet Heather, Katie and Scott.


Heather BeamanKatie GreeneScott RitchieThey will sit down and identify the classes you need to take each semester to help make sure you graduate on time. They can also help you get into classes that require special faculty approval. Advisors and the records office are here to help you!!!

The registration process is really simple and can be done completely online, for course overloads (17+ credits) there is a form from the records office that you and your advisor need to sign before you can get into the course. But, if you are not overloading credits then go onto your Student Center in ERNIE and use the “enrollment shopping cart” to search and add classes you need to take in the semester. When your enrollment appointment is validated then all you have to do is hit the “enroll” button and “verify” the courses. If any issues arise then your advisor and the records office will help you sort it out really fast 🙂

So its as simple as that, get ready sophomores and second semester freshman, your up next!!!! Hit that button as quick as possible (at 7:30 am ) to get into the classes you need!!!course-registration-college

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