My Most Inspiring Professor Dr. Moshier


We have some great professors here at Embry-Riddle, and my personal favorite is a gentleman named Dr. Moshier. He teaches Structures I at the Prescott campus and of all the professors I have had during my three years here I consider him to be the best.

Dr. Moshier used to work with the Air force as a structural analyst and now owns a business as well as working at Embry-Riddle. He is one of those guys who works here because he likes to help others, not because he needs a job. Structures is one of the hardest courses here at Riddle and it requires many hours of homework. I spent tons of time in Dr. Moshier’s office asking questions and solving problems last semester. He was more than willing to take time out of his schedule to help me work through each problem or question that I had in regards to the homework. No question was too dumb and  Dr. Moshier respectfully addressed each point of issue I had with the homework.

Additionally, the homework assigned was always challenging and allowed me to use the concepts I learned in class. I walked away from the course with an extremely high knowledge in Structures and it is now my passion. I hope to be able to use the knowledge that Dr. Moshier passed on to me during my upcoming career.

He is just one of the amazing and inspiring professors we have here at Embry Riddle. If you want to attend a school with a great student culture and professors who dedicate themselves to your education then Embry Riddle Prescott is the place for you. Stop on by and take a tour today!!

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