Buying a Car as a College Student

If you are one of those poor college kids suddenly faced with the need to purchase a car then here are some really good questions to ask yourself:


  1. How long do you need the car?
  2. How will you pay for the car?
  3. What type of car suits your needs?
  4. Will you buy new or used?
  5. What type of insurance will you need?
  6. Vehicle Registration on Campus ($80)

These are the most important aspects that you need to think about before you make such a big decision. Before you even start looking for cars you need to have a plan so, figure out your finances before you start looking and find an insurance company that will work well for you.

Another factor to consider is finding a car you need not one you want. When you graduate and get a real job you will have to start paying off student loans so don’t get a ridiculous sports car that will drain your finances. If you can’t pay off your car and you can’t pay off your student loans you will wind up in big trouble. Be smart, get an affordable and reliable car which will allow you to travel with your belongings if need be.

Don’t forget that when you bring your new car on campus you have to register it with the Campus Safety Office. The fee is $80 and the parking permit is valid for a full calendar year. For more info on how to accomplish registering your vehicle check out the Safety website.

This applies to our incoming students as well, you are adults now so embrace the chance to make your first big decision. This decision should be one that makes you proud šŸ™‚ Good luck everyone, hope the advice helped, and thanks for reading!!

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2 thoughts on “Buying a Car as a College Student

  1. Hi,
    I just started reading everyone’s blogs (I didn’t even see there were student blogs until this morning!!) but I was attracted to yours because you are in the ROTC.
    I’m really interested in the ROTC program at ERAU, and am in a AFJROTC at my school in Kennewick Washington. I’m currently a Senior Enlisted Advisor and a MSgt. so I was hoping you could write a post or two on what it’s like in the ROTC program. What kind of things go on in the program and if you have a Drill Team, Color Guard and go to National Competitions as the JROTC units do. If you can, do you have any insight to help prepare for the ROTC program?

    Erin Taylor

  2. Hi Erin,
    I am so glad that you are interested in my blog!! I do love being in AFROTC, it is an amazing program and being in AFJROTC is definitely good preparation. There are some things that are different though such as the uniform we wear, cadet ranks, etc. I will address more of these for in in the next blog! I will be putting up a new one this week to answer your questions šŸ™‚ I hope it helps!!

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