My Summer

Summer is a great time where free time is not scarce. However if you don’t plan it well it can become really boring after a couple of weeks.

My summer started in May right after I finished my hardest test, Themes and Humanities. An English class can be quite challenging. That day I came straight home and I fell sleep for about 12 hours until the next day. Some people go out dinner, others go out to party, others start driving back home, I just wanted to sleep. I was exhausted.

There were no classes, wrestling training ended, and no more waking up at 6 am almost every day! The release of pressure felt weird the first week, it felt almost like when buying a new pair of shoes. Soon, I realized that I didn’t know what to do with all the free time I had so, I called my parents looking for advice (I didn’t ask but I implied). “So, mom,” I said. “What are you and my dad going to do this Sunday?”  She replied, “I don’t know son but we are going to find something to do that we love.”  Wooo, it was mind blowing. Apparently, because I was so focused at school I had lost track of what I love to do. (It was kinda scary when it was hard to remember what I love to do)…

The following week I started getting back on what I love to do. For the first 4 weeks of summer I spent all my time reading, fishing, hiking, sleeping, going to the movies, morning runs, coming back to friends…


I was busy to hanging out, going to the lake to do nothing other than lay down at the shore, and I started playing chess again at the Prescott Public Library (By the way, those elder men know how play chess, I didn’t win one single game.) —-The remaining 2 months is a story for another time.

Carlos  Carlos chess

I realize that having fun and doing what you love is as important as getting good grades. I started thinking “How I could stop doing what I love to do?” I came to conclusion that there has to be a balance between college and time for yourself and this year as a sophomore, I am going to find this balance.Carlos Sedona

Carlos hike

carlos water


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About Carlos

**Major:** Global Business **Hometown:** Obregon, Sonora, Mexico **Activities:** ERAU Wrestling Team **Favorite Class:** Business **Favorite thing to do in Prescott:** Movies **In my free time I…** Practice English, read, do homework, hang out with friends, and train for wrestling. I’m also a graduate of ERAU’s ERLI English program.

7 thoughts on “My Summer

    • Thanks. It was a little hard to come back to what I love to do. Now that I am on track again I wont lost it ever again.

      I hope your summer was great as well. Enjoy this year in college.

      Take care 🙂

      Carlos Apodaca

  1. Yeah I m not forgetting it ever again. I am glad you like my little story. 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to read it. See you around 🙂

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