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Can you believe week six of school is already coming to a close? It seems like just yesterday freshman were moving in and it was syllabus week. Currently we are in the middle of mid-terms and it is a stressful time on campus. People are rushing about from class to class, studying, and working on those projects that are due in the coming weeks. But that is okay, there is only a week left in mid-term season and life on campus will be back to normal.

All the hours studying this semester have made me think about my three favorite places to study on campus, and I thought I would share them with you!

  • The Library study carols. You can find these on the bottom floor of the library in the very back. Usually you will find upperclassmen focusing on homework away from the world. This hidden gem has been relatively unfound by most of the campus, which adds to the beauty of it. PS. It’s the quietest place to study (don’t bring a friend or group to work with)



  • Upstairs in the Library: I am a person who does not like studying in my room, and the upstairs of the library is filled with desks and computers (even white board desks that have been a lifesaver while studying Mandarin this year). You will always find friends up there, which is fun. It has a tendency of getting loud and a tad distracting, but it has a great view of campus, which is a plus. PS. Bring headphones


  • GSIS Building: There is a lounge in the GSIS building with couches and tables for students to relax and study at. It is one of the newer buildings on campus and is normally pretty quit during the day (except when classes are transitioning). Perfect if you want to be left alone to study or do homework.20161007_125249

Everyone I have talked to has different places they prefer to study but these are my top picks. Hope these help you find your quiet place to study, and ace your mid-terms. I wish everyone brains as they continue through mid-term season, it will be over soon!

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