Bubble Wrap is Back!!!


Embry-Riddle Prescott students know that as soon as bubble wrap appears Finals are here!! This may sound really odd to some people so I will have to explain myself a little.

The Bubble wrap is posted around campus by the Residents Hall association for two reasons:


2. It helps reduce stress that’s pent up by all the hours you spend studying and not sleeping.

This is only one cool thing that the campus does to help you ease through the grueling process of finals. The dining hall gives out snacks and drinks, hosts a finals breakfast at 11pm the first day of finals week, and the scholars cafe stocks up extra coffee for those students who utilize the library until the wee hours of finals week.

And when its all over, the Residents Hall Association helps you check out, pack up, and head out for summer. Whether it be home or to another dorm room for the summer session the RHA always makes you feel welcome and at home.

For example, for people who are staying for the summer session, there will be a barbeque to welcome you into your new dorms and celebrate the summer (even if you are still at school for summer, its summer and summer rocks!).  For those students leaving after finals there is  a get together for all to celebrate the end of their first year in college before all everyone heads home and we reconvene next fall.

Hopefully, you will get to participate in these cool events next year!!! And as always Thanks for reading and have an awesome summer break!!