Marine Corps Officer Selection Program

There are many who know about Army, Air Force and Navy ROTC but what about the Marine Corps? To answer that question you should read this blog. I have recently finished my application to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS) through theĀ  Platoon leaders Class which I will go more in depth about.

The first thing you are going to need to ask yourself is what does it take to be a Marine Officer and how can you reach that goal. OCS is very demanding physically and mentally there are actually a few different paths that you can take. First of course are the qualifications 1.Bachelors Degree 2.Physical Fitness Test (PFT). These and everything else I will be talking about can be found at


What is Officer Candidate School?

OCS is a 12 week officer training program, this is where those who cant make it get booted and those who really want to be a Leader of Marines can truly show how much they want it. It is very tough and will break you down.


So what PLC does is take the 12 week course and allows you to attend two 6 week courses over two different summers.

Next is which path do you want to take. so what you need to know. You can do Navy ROTC (Marine Option) or Naval Academy (Marine Option), Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) and of course you can do OCS after graduation.

Each of these main choices have its pros and cons. For now I will consider the Platoon leaders Class. PLC is open to full time college students ages 17-28.

I have recently submitted my application through PLC, What you need to know about this option like all others is that you are applying (competitively) for a chance to go to OCS in the summer in between school semesters.It is a privilege to get the chance to become a Marine Officer. The process is simple, and enjoyable for those that really want it. Before you jumo right into it i suggest you do some research about the U.S. Marines and what it means to be an Officer of the toughest men and women in the military.

Do you have what it takes to become a Marine?

For the More information please visit the attached link here. To start the application process call the nearest Officer Selection Officer (OSO) or recruiter. Thanks for reading.