Softball is all about Community!

Eagles Softball is all about giving back to the community of Prescott. Every month we organize some form of community outreach event with our accountability partners, which is the teammate that we are accountable for the rest of the year. Accountable as in we make sure that both of us are always on time and if one of us is not going to make an event we will notify each other. At the beginning of the season, we created a list of events to accomplish throughout the school year. Some months contained two events in order for all of the accountability partners to have an event.

September: Shoelace Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer

September: Wild West Mud Fest- Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona

October: “The Spot”

November: Canned food drive

December: Toys For Tots

January: Help the Troops

February: Blanket Drive

March: Habitat for Humanity

April: Relay for life

softball blog 2As you can tell, our outreach events help others from a variety of ages. Some events are donations; however, others are interactive such as the Wild West Mud Run, the shoelace fundraiser for pediatric cancer and the most recent, creating care packages for troops.

What was my event? My accountability partner and I had the month of November. We figured with Thanksgiving being in November that we should have a canned food drive. We collaborated with Fry’s Drug and Food Store and had every teammate donate at least five cans of food. From our team alone we donated at least 100 cans of food. We also asked others if they wanted to donate and we delivered all of the cans to Fry’s.

What was my favorite event? There are two candidates for this. The first one was the Wild West Mud Fest sponsored by Crossfit Prescott, local radio stations, and the rest can be found here For the mud run, we were all required to ask for two $20 donations for our registration, and all money raised was donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona. The reason why I enjoyed it so much is all the obstacles throughout the 5k run and we were helping others by participating in the event. The run started with a wall that we had to climb over and it was a bit difficult to do it alone so we helped each other up, over the wall, and a few feet from the wall was a two-foot pool of water and mud mixture. Most of the obstacles were outdoors, however the obstacles created by Crossfit Prescott were inside Tim’s Toyota Center. At the end of the run there was a mud obstacle with netting a foot or two above the ground and we had to crawl or military crawl (like I did) through the mud. By the end, all of my teammates and I were covered in mud from head to toe! After we completed the 5k obstacle course, we stayed until the end of the last wave to cheer people on at designated obstacles. It was a bit exhausting since we were there for five extra hours, but it was worth it since some people thanked us for supporting them through the obstacles.

My second favorite event is the most recent one, which was making care packages and writing holiday cards to the troops. This event was definitely one of my favorites because I know that there are soldiers who are not able to be home with their families for the holidays and anything they receive will make their day a little better. My teammates or the coordinators of the event asked to donate items such as ground coffee, cross word puzzles, books, packaged foods, and toiletries for men and women. We also used this website to gather books that soldiers requested.

softball blog 1

As shown in the picture, we had a large number of donations from all of the players and other students around campus. To make things a little more festive we filled up holiday bags with a few items we donated and holiday candies such as candy canes.

After we boxed everything up, we moved on to the cards. It was wonderful being able to write to the troops for the holidays and I made sure to thank them for everything they do for our country. By the end, we were able to ship 15 packages to the troops!

Our next events will include a blanket drive, Habitat for Humanity, and Relay for Life. So be on the lookout around campus with flyers if you would like to support any event!




Halloween is coming up, have you found a costume yet? I haven’t but, Prescott, AZ has some great places to get a costume for the holiday. There are also some really awesome public haunted houses and pumpkin patches to see if you (like all college kids) are too old to go trick or treating.

The campus is also hosting a costume competition to celebrate and the student with the best costume has a chance at a prize!! So if you are in town come check it out. We have a lot of really fun and festive events going on and we love to welcome new faces to our Embry-Riddle campus community!

Graveyard of darkness

The Graveyard of Darkness is your chance to find out what is behind the RASC Safety Building, but beware and watch where you’re going because dangers lurk around every corner!

Scooby Doo Clue

Or if Scooby Doo is more your style, we have the ultimate Clue game going on this Friday. The event will include nine crime scene investigations located throughout campus. Each location will allow the students to investigate, gather information, and obtain clues.

If you want some more information please visit our main page. Happy Halloween!

Everyday Life


For those of our prospective students who may want to know what college life is like, today I am going to give you an overview 🙂

So for one, its kind of like living in a hotel with tons of other semi permanent residents. Since you are all living around each other for 8ish months you get to know people pretty well. So that makes things easy as far as having friends on campus is concerned.

Also, its like your job is going to class. There are some people who really don’t do their job well and there are those who do. It is up to you to choose as you are the boss of your career.

Its not like living at home, no one will do your chores for you and if you are hungry you are responsible for taking care of that. So I suggest learning how to do laundry before you leave home, ironing is a part of laundry as well. There  may be times where you need a nice suit for an interview or event on campus. The rest of the time you can dress how you choose but, remember you must make a good impression on your professors or they will not take you seriously as a student. So basically I suggest you dress within reason, no crazy doo’s, shorts are fine but no booty shorts, shirts should NOT show your stomach, also high heels on campus are so ridiculous. At Embry-Riddle you have to walk everywhere so it’s totally not worth the pain. For guys do not wear sweats or athletic clothes to class, it is sloppy and a lot of professors don’t like it. Try to wear jeans, nicer shorts, and a simple T shirt or polo.

Then of course when classes are done you do homework, hang out with friends, relax, attend campus events, and enjoy the many interesting places in our community 🙂

The whole week pretty much goes like this, some days are busier than most but regardless of the work load its a lot of fun!! Hopefully, you will  join us here soon!!!



What will you do if you aren’t going to make it home for Thanksgiving in college? Well, I can answer that! It can be tough not to go home over Thanksgiving but, don’t be a loner!!! You can still have a lot of fun over the short break by connecting with other faculty or students in the area, trust me I did that my freshman year. 🙂

Even though I was totally bummed about being stuck at college over my favorite holiday, I found others who were in the same position me and we held our own thanksgiving potluck! 🙂 The best part was that I actually got two Thanksgivings that year as I was also invited, with some of my other classmates, to a professor’s house where we spent a fun evening playing board games and enjoying another potluck.

Even though I was away from my family it was a wonderful Thanksgiving over which I made some new friends and learned about how friends are not only your social network but, your extended family away from home. So don’t be sad and go have fun!

Career Expo at Embry-Riddle

Wow! What a crazy week. If you don’t already know this past week on Thursday          Embry-Riddle, Prescott campus held the school year’s first career expo. Followed by that starting on Friday was OctoberWest. Today I will go a bit into the career expo, and my next blog will be about OctoberWest.

As far as the career expo goes, for those whom never been to one I will give you a short description then I will discuss about this year’s expo.

A career expo consists of companies looking for interns, co-ops, or new employees. Usually career expos happen on a school campus. For instance at Embry-Riddle we have companies ranging from Garmin AT, Boeing, Honeywell, Edwards Air Force Test Center to the FBI and to Airlines looking for pilots. As an example this year Honeywell was only looking for Electrical-Engineer interns but Boeing was looking for a wide variety of Engineer interns.

Career expos are mostly if not always a professional environment, this means you need to dress appropriately (suits, business formal, etc…).

Fortunately for me I happen to be studying Electrical Engineering which is one of the most desired degrees of study at the moment. Most engineering companies are looking for experienced and knowledgeable young men and women. So if you are a freshman that has yet to take any higher level engineering classes, you are probably out of luck. But this is a great chance for you to connect with companies, learn what they’re about and make connections within the industry.

If you are a junior or senior your chances of obtaining an internship or a job are greatly improved. For those looking for a job/internship, it is customary to research the companies you plan on talking with. This shows you are very interested in there companies and you won’t be wasting their time.

So the next time the career expo comes around don’t forget to attend no matter what year you are in, learn about the atmosphere and what to expect and how to act.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will update you on OctoberWest so stay tuned.

Professional Attire


For those of you females who might think that professional attire is boring I would like to prove you wrong!! There is a way to dress that is cute, classy, and professional. This does not involve mini skirts, pencil skirts, or any of those weird looking dresses that are way too short. Instead, all you need is a nice blouse, slacks, a jacket, and some accessories!!! Take a look at the examples below and you will not only wow your co-workers but, you will also gain more respect for the way you dress. The better you dress in the professional setting the more success you can have as others will take you seriously.

For those women who like skirts but, don't want to be annoyed by gawking, try one thats a little looser on the hips

For those women who like skirts but, don’t want to be annoyed by gawking, try one that’s a little looser on the hips

Stylish, Professional, and Feminine

Stylish, Professional, and Feminine

My Personal Favorite Style

My Personal Favorite Style

Career Day


For those of our students who haven’t heard, its Career Day today!!! Grab that resume and head on down to our Activity Center where numerous Aerospace companies have gathered to educate you about the opportunities that await when you graduate. Additionally, there might be some internship opportunities involved 🙂 But, you will never know if you don’t get out there ans start the job search.

Many companies actually love to hire interns as they are good potential employees. An internship is for you to decide if you want to work in a particular side of the Aerospace industry and also for the corporation to evaluate you. If you do well enough you have a shot at an awesome job after graduation. If that doesn’t motivate you, here is something that will! Some internships or Co-ops provide college credits and you get paid to learn more about the industry/your future career.

Grab that resume and get going!!!!

Fall Fitness

fall fitnessNow is a great time to get outside and get fit!! The weather is just right and those pesky holidays with their fantastic food are coming up fast. So what is your fitness plan?

Well, if you aren’t the athletic type I might have a few use ful suggestions for you. I highly recommend running at least three times a week. I personally was never a fan of running but, in recent years I have really started to enjoy it. Running strengthens the heart and lungs while increasing your endurance all around. You don’t need to run super hard core to get a good workout so stick with a pace that is comfortable for you.

Another good workout type is to do a light workout on the days that you are not running. You can do pushups, crunches, bodybuilders, etc. or maybe yoga/Pilates. It is all up to you!

Perhaps the most important aspect of fitness is eating right. So to get started, give your fridge a makeover. Limit the alcoholic drinks to one or two per week, dump all of your unhealthy carbs ( aka white bread, bagels, pastries, pasta that isn’t whole grain), and stock up on vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grain breads, whole dairy products (this should be your one source of healthy fat intake), and of course your one favorite item of unhealthy food. My personal favorite is the pint size of Ben and Jerry’s Phish food, but again, remember to limit your intake!

I hope this helped, good luck with fall fitness everyone!!!

October West Schedule


October West is almost here!! Click on the attached link to get the schedule of events from the alumni association. Please come on by and check out our air show, pancake breakfast,  and so much more!


We would love to have you here to join in the festivities 🙂 See you soon!!!