Learning to Cook


So this summer I made the decision to stay on campus and take summer courses, the most important summer course I am currently taking is one I will most likely use for the rest of my life….cooking…

Herb Chicken and Cheese Tortellini








I never considered myself to be a good cook or to really enjoy cooking but, since I have taken up the pursuit of cooking (mostly so i wouldn’t have to pay for a summer meal plan) and also because I would like to cook whatever sounds good to me that day.

Some simple tips that I can give you are buy meats in bulk, separate them into portion sizes and freeze them. When you want meat just pull out however many portions you want and cook it. Buy your vegetables and fruits and Fry’s, they are a few cents more but, way better than the fruit and veggies at Walmart. Canned foods, dry pasta, and top raman are cheap!!!! These are great because you can mix them with cooked meat, pasta sauces, or veggies and have a tasty balanced meal. Do not waste all your money on fast food, you can pay about $3 a meal if you make it yourself instead of $10-$15 a meal if you eat out, this can drain your paycheck really really fast!!!

Red Velvet Cake








There are so many other tips I can give you, but so little space to write in so the best and very last tip I can offer (unless you comment with a question or helpful tip) is GO ASK YOUR MOMMA!!!…….or you auntie, or someone who can cook…..Google works too 😉