Extra-curriculars I’ve been involved with

So far I have been involved in many different extracurricular activities outside of class.  I have been pretty active in the Embry-Riddle, Arizona campus life with student body events, the Air Force ROTC Honor Guard, hiking and playing instruments with other students.  As a freshman, I was definitely concerned about not having much to do during my free time but at Embry-Riddle the staff and student government puts on plenty of fun events. The resident hall assistants put on a capture the flag game between halls (which was extremely fun), group hiking events, and even Halloween costume parties. The campus student life staff gives us a lot of fun events to go hang out and meet new people. I remember the first week I came here there was a campus event hosted every other hour.  With that being said there is no reason to be bored here at Embry-Riddle.

At the Embry-Riddle, Arizona there are lots of clubs to be involved in. The selection literally ranges from ball room dancing to rock climbing to the jet dragster club project.  I have been involved with the Honor Guard Team, through Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, as well as the archery club. The Honor Guard Team is through the Air Force ROTC program and if you pursue ROTC, I would definitely recommend considering it.  The team is like a second family. On top of being an Honor Guardsman you get the chance to meet a lot of great people. With Honor Guard at Detachment 028, there is always something fun happening. The last thing we did as a group was perform in the Veterans Day parade. This event among had to be the greatest one yet because being there to support the veterans while holding the Arizona state flag during the ceremony was the best feeling I have had in a long time. Among the Honor Guard family we also enjoy going to the gym they have on campus and working out, along with running on the beautiful trails out here in Prescott, Arizona.

Speaking of the gym, it is definitely the best one I have been to. The options include nearly every type of cardio machine to every free-weight option you can think of.  I do go to the gym a lot; not only is it clean and available for your use but it’s a pleasant place to be. Everyone here at Embry Riddle is helpful and considerate. And as a plus, it’s never crowded. So the gym is an excellent place to go and workout.

On top of going to the gym, I am also into photography, whether you like photography or just taking hikes to view some incredible scenery, Prescott, Arizona is a great place to be. The fresh air among the great nature is a great motivation to get up and get out every morning. Every year the student body on campus hosts a photography contest.  The best photos from get reviewed for a chance to be featured in the Embry-Riddle weather calendar.

That’s pretty much my view on extra-curriculars. Let me know what you think in the comments below!