The Important Things On Campus — FOOD

I love food. I am one of those people who eats seven times a day because if not I get “hangry.” Hangry means I get angry or very unhappy if I do not eat. Thankfully, for me there are plenty of food options on campus. From WOW in the Student Union, the dining hall Earharts, Simply to Go the shop, and Scholars café I never run out of food options.
Freshman are required to have the all access meal plan which allows us to have about 500 meals at the dining hall a week, three transfers a day, and $100 dinning dollars a semester. This means we have access to unlimited food on campus. If you are not a freshman and interested in a meal plan there are lesser meal plans that offer great benefits as well.
Earharts offers eggs, sausage or ham, and pancakes, waffles, or French toast. There is also fruit, cereal, and toast available for breakfast. There are many lunch and dinner option available including salads, sandwiches, pizza, stir-fry, and another chief’s choice which provides many options and a variety. They also have vegan and gluten free options.

When you want something different, there is WOW. WOW offers American style cooking, fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and other restaurant type of foods. It’s a nice treat that adds more dining options on campus. At WOW, students use transfers which are part of their meal plan to pay for their meal, they get three transfers a day that can be used within each meal period.

Caffeine is a large part of being in college. From coffee to tea, everyone is thankful that there is Scholars Café in the library. Scholars provides Starbucks coffee and a limited food menu to the students, it is great. What makes it better is that it is included in the meal plan! A drink from Scholars is one transfer. Therefore, if you plan accordingly you can have three Starbucks drinks a day.

food drawer
Simply to Go is the last food option on campus. It offers granola bars, chips, candy, and frozen meals for those days when nothing at the dining hall looks good. Simply to Go uses dinning dollars which all freshman have $100. Personally, I forgot I had $100 dinning dollars last semester and stocked up on snacks before the rapidly approaching end of the semester. It is common to walk into Simply to Go and leave with a bag of snacks and treats to share with friends.

Hiking the Dells with George and Rachel
Overall, the food options on campus are endless for freshman. If you are like me and are constantly hungry, you will not be disappointed! In addition, don’t worry about the freshman 15 we have a wonderful gym on campus that is free for students to use, and plenty of hikes and outdoor activities to do as well!

How to Eat Healthy on a College Budget


If you are like most college students or you are soon to be one of us broke, sleep deprived individuals then here is some information that you might want to know!

This past year, after I came back from Field Training, I committed to eating as healthfully as I could. Something my FTO said to me at FT really stuck and ever since I haven’t been able to eat candy without feeling guilty. So, I turned my health habits around. At first I thought it was going to be super hard to cook with raw veggies, grains, and meats. However, it was just the opposite, I got rid of bread, sugar, processed foods, and most of my processed drinks.

After that I headed to the grocery store and discovered that instead of spending $60 for two weeks of groceries (all processed foods) I could now spend $20!! I bought all fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains. I made an effort to plan out balanced meals for each week and surprisingly I did not have to take another trip to the grocery store!

Since making the switch (I do fall back into my old food habits on occasion) I have felt so much better, had more energy, and I’ve been sleeping better. Not only that but, I am not as broke as I used to be!!! Turns out that eating healthy is better for you and your wallet!!

If you are interested in making the switch to cooking with raw food materials comment below, I will answer any questions you have! Happy savings everyone!!!