Phoenix Open during Super Bowl Weekend!

So all I have done thus far really is just talk about work, and more work. We do, believe it or not, have fun! Prescott itself is located right on the boarder of the Prescott National Forrest and can offer many exciting hikes in the surrounding mountains. We have Sedona, AZ with all of its beautiful red rock only an hour away. In addition, Flagstaff is just an hour and a half drive away, which in the winter, is awesome for skiing and snowboarding! Las Vegas can be exciting for those over 21, which is only just over 3 hour drive away!

However, the big destination for most students is going to be Phoenix, which is only a short 90 minute drive away! This past weekend was a big one for Phoenix with not only Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium, but also the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale. If you are a sports fan Phoenix was the place to be!

Now the Phoenix Open is a different golf tournament from most with the 16th hole being one big party! It is the only hole in the PGA where you can just scream and be obnoxious the entire time, and not get into too much trouble. This year was a bit of disappointment with both Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods missing the cut at the same tournament for the first time since 2002. However be that as it may, my friends and I left Prescott early on Saturday around 6 AM to get there in time. Glad we did, because only ten minutes after we got to the 16th hole stands did they meter how many people could go in, and a huge line formed. We waited for a couple hours before the first players even teed off, let alone got to the 16th hole. It was worth the wait though. For only the second time since Tiger Woods in 1997, a hole in one, took place! Yeah that’s right; Francesco Molinari aced the 16th hole! Which the tradition has always been if this takes place to throw your…beverage of choice…onto the green! If you watched ESPN on Saturday night you would have seen this. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

If this wasn’t enough after we had our golf fix, we went over to Phoenix Sky Harbor to do some plane spotting for the Super Bowl traffic. The night ended with stopping by Westgate in Glendale where the Super Bowl was to see the action. It certainly was a fun Saturday that was a nice change of pace from normal work at school!

Next weekend, I go to Los Angeles for the USA vs. Panama soccer game, more pictures to come!

16th Hole after Hole in One!Rickie Fowler for ParPlane Spotting at PHX!