About Megan


GSIS Global Business

Major: Global Security and Intelligence and Global Business
Hometown: Renton, Washington
Research: Can’t wait to get started
Activities: Sorority Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Alpha, Swimming, Hiking/Exploring
Favorite Class: Introduction to Global Security and Intelligence
Favorite thing to do in Prescott: Explore downtown and hike
In my free time I… like to go swimming, spend time with my friends, craft, watch Netflix, and explore the great outdoors

Organization Anyone?

Organization anyone? Being in the midst of midterms, clubs going crazy, and it almost being spring break life is pretty hectic. The way I combat the stress of life is by staying organized. I believe that everything has a place and that everything should be in its place. So I have a few helpful hints to keep the stress down and the productivity high.

  • Planners. Live by them. This can be in a physical planner or a phone calendar, either way they are great ways to keep track of meetings, tests, and due dates. Personally, I have a physical planner, a desk calendar for events, and a wall calendar for important things such as birthdays.20170222_123305
  • Keep a binder or folders for all past and current assignments. Your never know when you will need to look back on an assignment or pass it off to someone else. Avoid papers cluttering your desk, backpack, and keep them ordered by date and time.
  • 20170222_123352
  • Color-coding. I am a firm believer in this. Every class, club, responsibility has a color and it is easy to see quickly what is coming and needs to be done.20170222_123247


These are a few things that work for me, and they might not work for everybody. If you can find a way to remove the excess clutter from your life you just might see a reduction of stress in your life.

Student Health or “Student Death”

Being sick sucks. Being sick is college might be even worse. The first time I got sick at college was last year with a cold. At home, my mom would make sure that I taken car of, comfortable, had medicine, and I also felt like I was in good hands. Then all of a sudden you’re at school and it’s just you. Instead of your mom checking in on you it’s your roommates, you call your parents to  be diagnosed over the phone (yes this has happened more than once, Thanks mom!), and then give money to friends to go pick you up medicine.

If you get really sick, or have been sick for a while there is the wellness center. My family had always joked and called the wellness center (the on campus doctors office) student death, because you only go in when you are really sick. This past week I had my first experience at the wellness center. I scheduled an appointment and went for it. When I arrived, the office was really nice, and the nurse who checked me in made me feel a really comfortable. I think the best part was that I was in the wellness center for maybe 15 minutes. I checked in, talked to the nurse, then the doctor, then was free to leave. It was easy and painless.

Being sick in college is an adjustment and it can feel very lonely. But you are not alone. There are resources around campus such as the wellness center, and the housing department that can help you both get better and talk to your professors to help give you time to heal. Also take advantage of your community. They will be there to grab you food or medicine, because they know you would return the favor. Although it’s not your comfy couch at home with your mom taking care of you, being sick at school is not as hard as you think it will be. Because let’s be honest, everyone gets sick.

3 day weekends= Freedom!

A three-day weekend to college students is the equivalent of Halloween for children! It is a beautiful time where school stress diminishes (until late the night before classes) and you are free to have fun and play. I don’t know about everyone else, but being at school with all my friends minus the actual study part is one of my favorite things. Don’t get me wrong classes are interesting, but the unique freedom that comes when it’s a three day weekend is one for the books. As usual, I fled town, with some of my favorite people. I drove up to Moab Utah with my friends to play at Arches and Canyonlands National Park for the weekend.


The fifteen or more hours in the car for the weekend were well worth it. We played in the snow, had a bouncy castle in our hotel, and saw some breathe taking arches!


Sunday we ventured up to Canyonlands, which happened to be in a cloud. We tried two view points and could not outrun the fog so head back to Arches National Park where we got to play some more.


Being able to get in the car and drive to Utah on a weekend is one thing that I never thought was possible before college but now it is a common occurrence in my life. The National Parks and amazing opportunities that surround Prescott and Arizona as a whole are amazing and a great bonus to riddle. Now don’t worry, if driving 6 hours to Utah to look at some arches is not your thing that is okay, there are hundreds of others things to do on a three day weekend. Some binge watch Netflix (gotta catch up on the shows you don’t have time for during the week), some go to Phoenix, and others mess around on campus. No matter what you are doing three day weekends are always a memorable time and something college kids live for!

你好! Lets Talk Chinese!

你好!Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted but it has been crazy with finals, break, and the start of a new semester. A lot of what has made life crazy for me has been learning Chinese. As a Global Security and Intelligence (GSIS) student, I am required to take four semesters of a language. Riddle offers four different languages; Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish. I chose Mandarin, the reason for this is because I have always been interested in China and the US interest that are there so for me it was an easy choice!.

I started Mandarin this past fall on the regular track; the regular track is four semester of one class each semester at 3 credits. We have a fast track, which are 6 credits of language a semester then other Chinese classes on top of that. I opted for the regular track because as a freshman, I was not willing to commit my life to Chinese, it felt kind of like a marriage, and I was not ready for it. The regular Mandarin tracks Professor is Professor Chen, she is absolutely wonderful. She makes tackling this difficult language manageable and fun. Just this past week at our first class of the semester she said she had three questions we needed to answer, she said the questions in Chinese and waited for a response. For a particularly uncomfortable five minutes, my ten-person class just looked at each other and at her. She finally broke the silence with a laugh, said, “it has been a long break I see”, and helped us dissect what she had said. Although those five minutes (honestly it was most likely way shorter than that is just felt like five minutes) were uncomfortable she still made the class fun and helped us to feel more comfortable and able to make mistakes.

For me a typical day in Mandarin includes…

  • Going through chapter dialogue
  • Listening practice (work book or the chapter dialogue)
  • Speaking practice (vocab, workbook, really anything)
  • Sometimes writing practice


This is one of the most interactive classes I have ever been part of. The environment fostered in the classroom makes it okay to make mistakes and learn from others. We do a lot of speaking and listening in class to work on pronunciation, while the writing and character work is done mostly at home and turned in as homework. We learn around 50 words every three weeks with around a quiz a week and daily homework, but it helps. This is one of those classes that will teach you how to study but I can almost guarantee it will make you a better student, it surely has for me. Although the workload can sometimes feel like a lot, I have learned so much in just a semester and am looking forward to continuing. So if you are a GSIS student (or soon to be) don’t shy away from Mandarin, it is hard but the work is worth it.

Thanksgiving 1,354 miles from home

Happy Holidays! Since Thanksgiving just past, and more holidays are quickly approaching, I thought I would talk about spending my second Thanksgiving 1,354 miles from home. Let me start-off by saying it is not as bad as you might think. Some people go home, some go to friends houses, and other stay out with friends, but a lot of people decide to stay in town because the break is short.

Last year for Thanksgiving, some of my friends who stayed in Prescott and I went to my grandparents in Tucson. This year my friends who stayed in town and I had a Friendsgiving. At Friendsgiving, we made dinner, played some games, laid on the floor, and fought like siblings. Just like any normal Thanksgiving. Eight of my closest friends gathered into a house and tried our hands at a family Thanksgiving (secret… it is harder than you think; thank your parents…ALOT!).


The day started with people in the kitchen while others watched the parade, then progressed into games around the appetizers, then dinner which made everyone so full they laid on the floor in a food coma, then we did dishes and had dessert.


Although it was not like Thanksgiving at home, it was one for the books. Our first Thanksgiving dinner made by ourselves, surrounded by people who love you, is one of the biggest blessings. So, if you are considering moving far away from home and know you won’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving, or other holidays, just know that you will not be alone. Other people will be in your boat and you will have friends to celebrate with. It makes a classic family holiday new again with a new family to celebrate with, many blessings to be thankful for, and possibly a new tradition formed.


College is what you make it, so make the most of it

College looks different for everyone. Some people are at big schools others are at small, some are engineers while others are GSIS students, but we are all trying to optimize the time that we have in college. Whether we like it or not our undergraduate career is generally eight semesters, sometimes ten, but that is it, it basically boils down to 4-5 years. On the outside looking in, it seems like a long time, a lot of tests, and studying, and it is, but it is also so much more. College is a time to be yourself, grow, find out what you want to do with your life, and make it your own. School will always come first but college is much more than the lessons you learn in a fifty-minute class or on a homework assignment. It’s about the roommate conflicts, the late night coffee runs, and the spontaneous adventures to the dells at one in the morning. The long talks with new friends and letting go of old ones, learning to do your own laundry and time management, and everything in-between. But that is the beauty of it.

For me college is…

Friends who will always study with me


School spirit


Giving back




Late night Walmart adventures


Early morning coffee runs


Longing to see friends back home while creating lifelong relationships hereimg2097055872-1

Exploring the glorious world, we live in


And finding out what truly makes me happy


… What does college mean to you? And how are you/ will you make the most out of the short time you have here?

Study Places Anyone?

Can you believe week six of school is already coming to a close? It seems like just yesterday freshman were moving in and it was syllabus week. Currently we are in the middle of mid-terms and it is a stressful time on campus. People are rushing about from class to class, studying, and working on those projects that are due in the coming weeks. But that is okay, there is only a week left in mid-term season and life on campus will be back to normal.

All the hours studying this semester have made me think about my three favorite places to study on campus, and I thought I would share them with you!

  • The Library study carols. You can find these on the bottom floor of the library in the very back. Usually you will find upperclassmen focusing on homework away from the world. This hidden gem has been relatively unfound by most of the campus, which adds to the beauty of it. PS. It’s the quietest place to study (don’t bring a friend or group to work with)



  • Upstairs in the Library: I am a person who does not like studying in my room, and the upstairs of the library is filled with desks and computers (even white board desks that have been a lifesaver while studying Mandarin this year). You will always find friends up there, which is fun. It has a tendency of getting loud and a tad distracting, but it has a great view of campus, which is a plus. PS. Bring headphones


  • GSIS Building: There is a lounge in the GSIS building with couches and tables for students to relax and study at. It is one of the newer buildings on campus and is normally pretty quit during the day (except when classes are transitioning). Perfect if you want to be left alone to study or do homework.20161007_125249

Everyone I have talked to has different places they prefer to study but these are my top picks. Hope these help you find your quiet place to study, and ace your mid-terms. I wish everyone brains as they continue through mid-term season, it will be over soon!

Move In Day = The First Step

And just like that it is August, school starts in a little over a week, and freshman move in tomorrow! I remember move in day last year. Getting up before sunrise, flying down to Prescott, enduring a nerve wracking car ride from Phoenix, and being completely surprised when I was welcomed to campus with open arms from admissions, housing, and my suite-mates. This is an exciting time of year with so much change ahead and many firsts. Your first time moving away from home, your first time being responsible for yourself, and your first time living with roommates (that are not related to you). All these first can be overwhelming, exhilarating, and growing. I am pleased to say that your first, first starts tomorrow. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure and I am so happy for you all.


With your adventure starting and your first, first in less than twenty-four hours I have some advice being a returning student who is excited for my second year of new experiences.

  1. Everyone is nervous
  • We all start out knowing pretty much no one. Everyone is looking for someone to eat dinner with, hang out with, and walk to the Activity Center with. So step out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with a stranger, who knows that person might end up being your best friends
  1. Breathe
  • Between all the people around, the excitement, and your long to do list, move in day can be stressful. However, enjoy the day. Spend time with your family before they leave. Get things that you know you will need like shampoo and conditioner, and really set up your life. Because once orientation starts you will be hitting the ground running with activities and classes soon to followSnapchat-9416572372340808
  1. Go to the orientation events
  • Some orientation events are mandatory while some are optional, but seriously go. One, it gets you out of your room, and two, you start talking to your classmates and get to know the campus. We are all a family here at Riddle and the people you meet at orientation you will see around campus and it’s fun to see a friendly face on the first day of class. And most of all they are funny bonding experiences!
  1. If you have any questions ask your RA
  • Your RA (resident assistant) is here to help you. This year I will be an RA in Mingus (Hall 3 Floor 3, come say hi!) and I, as well as the other RAs on campus, truly want to be able to help the incoming students with any questions they might have. Whether that is “where is the dining hall,” “can I get my bed 20150903_070213 lowered,” or “am I allowed to have this.” It is much better to ask questions now then be confused for the time to come. There are no stupid questions!
  1. Enjoy the day!
  • This one relates to point 2. You only have one freshman move in. So enjoy the little things. Enjoy the people jumping up to help you move your boxes up the stairs, how your parents want to make your room all nice, and how there is a buzz of excitement in the air. Move in day is like no other, and it is an experience you will remember forever.



I am very excited for you all to have your first, first as a college freshman. This year is going to be a wild ride, so hold on tight, run full steam ahead, and embrace everything that comes at you!

New Excitement and New People- Preview Day

Our campus of two thousand students was filled with over one thousand prospective students plus their parents! It was an exciting time. Being a student that has been here all year I have to say that Preview Day is now one of my favorite events. There is an exciting buzz around campus that shows the hope and the energy of new blood ready to come and start the next chapter of their life, it makes me smile.Admissions Staff

The day started early with welcoming students and ended with the activity fair. Some prospective students registered for classes, others toured campus, while some took some time to seriously evaluate if this school would be their home for the next four years. Clubs had booths at the activity fair to show how to get involved, the dining hall provided a great meal to give a taste of next year, and there were current students all over campus to answer questions.

Ernie at Activity Fair

Personally being able to walk campus, host a booth, and help in the dining hall was a rewarding experience. I loved answering parents and prospective student’s questions about classes, campus, and what it is really like to be a freshman at the school.

Light It Up Blue

To prospective students, choose your University wisely. Whether ERAU or another school, I hope that you take time to deliberate your decision on which to attend. The decision you make will affect the next four years of your life. If you have any questions about college ask someone, your older sibling, distant cousin, or a random blogger who goes to the school you want to attend. Good luck on your decision, it was great to meet so many of you at Preview day this past weekend, and I hope to see some of you as Eagles next year!

A Week In My Life

Welcome to midterms! It is that time of the semester again, exams are here, and the thought of spring break is the motivation to keep working. Even though I am in the midst of midterms, I thought I would share with you what a week normally looks like for me.
Monday: Most people hate Mondays but for me they are not too bad. My classes start at 9 am and end at 3 pm with a two hour lunch break in the middle. After class, I normally study for an hour and finish homework then have dinner. The evening consists of my sorority Alpha Xi Delta’s chapter meeting, which can be a sisterhood event (fun/bonding time), programs (useful information/most often very funny), or our business meeting (serious). Chapter tends to be fun because I get to start the week with my hilarious sisters by my side.

Sorority Dells
Tuesday: On this day, I have one class and a three-hour lab. My day starts at 6:45 am because I am in class from 7:45 am -12 pm, after that it is off to lunch then I have weekly meetings with my mentor. This year I have become very close with a few leaders in Chi Alpha and they have become my mentors. After my meeting, it is off to the library to study. In the evening, I have Chi Alpha. Every other Tuesday evening we have Tuesday Night Dinner where we carpool over to one of the leaders’ houses, have a home cooked meal, and build some great friendships. On the off Tuesday, I have a leadership meeting, which serves as a time of fellowship with a smaller group of people.

San Diego
Wednesday: I have four classes again. After my last class at 3 pm, I am off to do work and study. After dinner I have a Panhellenic meeting. This year I had the honor to be elected Membership Vice President for the Panhellenic community. So every Wednesday we have our meetings for all Panhellenic chapters as well as a smaller council meeting, which discusses the fun things that we are planning on campus!

Lei, Allie, Megan AXiD
Thursday: This is my easiest day! I have one class which ends at 9 am. After class you can find me doing homework, studying, or going on adventures. This is the day of the week I look forward to the most because it does not have meetings or responsibilities attached, besides one class in the morning. Last week my friends and I ventured out into the dells across the street from campus and found the Red Bridge, which is a little bridge in the center of the dells that is hard to find and a great spot to take picture, we had talked about doing this for weeks.

Red Bridge Allie
Friday: Final day of classes for the week and after 3 pm I am done! Friday evenings you will find me at Chi Alpha’s Elevate and the activity after which ranges from gym night to movie night.

Allies HOme
The Weekend: I clump Saturday and Sunday together because while I have been at school I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Arizona, Utah, and California on the weekends. If I am in town, Saturdays are pretty boring, some homework, hanging out with friends, and most likely an adventure. Sunday includes Church in the morning and brunch with friends, then finishing all the homework I have pushed throughout the week. If I am out of town, weekends are a lot more exciting. Over the last three-day weekend I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego and stay with a friend’s family for the night, the next day we headed to the beach to meet up with Chi Alpha, and on Sunday spend the day at Six Flags with some of my closest friends. Then we crammed back into a car and drove back to campus. The destination changes weekend to weekend, but the memories and friends made will be there forever.

Sunset AXiD

My weeks are crammed packed with class, studying, work, clubs, and meetings. And my weekends are filled with adventure, friends, and memories. It can be hard to find a balance between school and everything else but if you look, plan, and work hard enough you can to do everything that makes you happy. Not everyone’s schedule is as hectic as mine is, while others are even more hectic, it just depends on the person. But remember, school is important, but it’s also important to do what makes you happy to enjoy life at school. School is hard and you need something to work towards, I work towards the weekends where I get to create amazing memories with my friends. What do you work towards?