Lets Talk About the “Riddle Ratio”

Let’s talk about the “riddle ratio”, I am sure if you were like me looking at this school the “riddle ratio” freaks you out just a tad which is okay. To start off, if you do not know what the “riddle ratio” is, it explains the number of male to female students at Riddle. Currently at Riddle the population is around 25% female and 75% male, vastly different from most universities what are 50% male and 50% female. At Riddle, the students have adapted a term to address the gender difference and that my friend is the “riddle ratio”.

I want to be honest with you all; the “riddle ration” is a thing. Your floor freshman year might have one other suite of girls with four others being male, and a few classes might only have two girls in them. But take it from,it’s not bad. Yes you receive a lot of male attention, especially the first few weeks of school, but you gain so much more.

Being surrounded by males most of the time gives you some amazing things.

  1. You will make amazing girlfriends. And there is a strong community  around campus
  2. You will gain so many brothers. Once the boys realize you won’t date them, they turn into brother and have your best interest at heart, and you can always count on them
  3. You will barely ever open the door to the library or dining hall for yourself. People are really polite and considerate, and it will become normal to you really fast, and when you go back home and people don’t do open the door for you it will seem strange
  4. You forget that mostly males surround you. It starts to feel normal and you won’t realize until you go home for break and see girls all over the place.

Now this is my experience and everyone has their own, but being at Riddle has given me so many guys that turned into brothers, some of the best friends I could ask for, and such a unique and special culture that is is weird to go home. Although a large gender gap can be scary don’t let it turn you away from an amazing school because you are scared!


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  1. Thank you for this piece, Megan! I’m a student at Prescott College interested in higher ed. enrollment issues and this was very illuminating about the potential impacts of gender gaps (also, WA representing!)

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