Student Health or “Student Death”

Being sick sucks. Being sick is college might be even worse. The first time I got sick at college was last year with a cold. At home, my mom would make sure that I taken car of, comfortable, had medicine, and I also felt like I was in good hands. Then all of a sudden you’re at school and it’s just you. Instead of your mom checking in on you it’s your roommates, you call your parents to  be diagnosed over the phone (yes this has happened more than once, Thanks mom!), and then give money to friends to go pick you up medicine.

If you get really sick, or have been sick for a while there is the wellness center. My family had always joked and called the wellness center (the on campus doctors office) student death, because you only go in when you are really sick. This past week I had my first experience at the wellness center. I scheduled an appointment and went for it. When I arrived, the office was really nice, and the nurse who checked me in made me feel a really comfortable. I think the best part was that I was in the wellness center for maybe 15 minutes. I checked in, talked to the nurse, then the doctor, then was free to leave. It was easy and painless.

Being sick in college is an adjustment and it can feel very lonely. But you are not alone. There are resources around campus such as the wellness center, and the housing department that can help you both get better and talk to your professors to help give you time to heal. Also take advantage of your community. They will be there to grab you food or medicine, because they know you would return the favor. Although it’s not your comfy couch at home with your mom taking care of you, being sick at school is not as hard as you think it will be. Because let’s be honest, everyone gets sick.

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