Semester ends in a month, Really?

I am just surprised how fast things move in here. It feels like a month since I have been here, but it is already the last month of my semester. The realization that the semester is about to end struck my when I got the green booklet in my mailbox the other day. It was the Spring Class Schedule.
My classes have been pretty easy and fun throughout until this month. Things begin to pile up like anything during this month. The classes are still easy and fun, but there is way too much work now. The main thing that concerns me now is EGR 101. It has been my favorite subject throughout but the last project of LTAV is extremely challenging. Physics 2 is also going fine. I am striving for an A in that class, which seems to be another challenge. I hope this semester ends really well for me.
Anyways, I have decided what classes I will be taking the next semester. I will be taking 17 credits. The courses will be CAD, Statics, Calculus 3, Technical Report Writing and Digital Circuits with Lab. I will be a sophomore the next semester. I am extremely excited for my CAD and Statics classes. I am sure Technical Report Writing would take a lot of time. I also have decided to do a double major in AE and ME. It would be possible only if I am able to complete both the degrees in 4 years. So, the summers are going to be really busy for me, which is good.
According to the schedule I set up, I would have classes at a stretch from 0800 to 1500 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will have two classes on Tuesdays which will include Calc 3 and Lab. On Tuesdays, I will have no classes at all. This is going to be pretty intense and fun too. I will have a completely free Tuesday in every week. This will help a lot in getting things done on time like homework and laundry.
I had my CDR ( Critical Design Review) on the LTAV on Friday. It was my first CDR. It went pretty good. Professor Romeiser went through our CDR. The only problems we bumped into were that the weight of the two wings were a bit different and since our release mechanism for the ping pong ball was completely mechanical, without any sensors or motors, it was imperative that we tested our whole LTAV properly on the Blimp to make sure the release system works. Overall, it turned out to be really good. Hope the grades speak a similar story.

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