Decisions, Decisions

It’s time for Spring ’09 registration and everyone is stressing out. It honestly is like a race for classes. The College of Arts and Sciences requires that all of its students see their advisor before they can register for classes online. This is because they really want students to see their advisors at least once a semester and keep communication open.
I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to my emails and reminders, because I had no idea about any of this.
My roommate Kim even woke me up this morning yelling at me to register, and I stressed out along with everyone else; not only do I not have a major yet, I had no idea what classes what I wanted to take! I went to see my advisor, and she helped out alot. Everytime I have been to see her she’s shown me all of my options and really worked with me to get what I needed.
I have all afternoon classes again, which really works out great for me considering my sleep schedule. I’m also planning to get an on campus job, which would mean I need a block of time designated for work, so having all afternoon classes really helps.
I am taking 15 credit hours (5 classes): Business Communications, Social Psychology, Intro to Geography, Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture and Micro Economics. Most of these classes seem interesting or helpful to me, so next semester should be really good.
Everyone keeps asking me about my major. I am part of the small percentage of students on campus who are Still Exploring (undecided) and I am having alot of trouble choosing a major. right nwo I am going back and forth between GSIS and ASP. The three minors I would choose in ASP would be Business, Psychology and Arabic Studies. The only problem with that is, I don’t know what path to take after college with those.
Today definitely gave me alot to think about!

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