I’m so thankful finals are over! They weren’t as stressful as I was expecting, but I definitely did my fair share of studying.
Everywhere on campus students were stressing out about their Semester finals. The library was packed as people finished up papers, projects, presentation and last minute studying.
My COM 219 Speech final was a persuasion speech and a small analysis of the speech attached. I don’t know why, but I panicked when I had to give my speech and was very nervous. My speech was about the over medication of today’s youth. I had worked so hard on this speech, I literally did hours of research and felt confident about the subject, but when I stood in front of the class, I got so nervous I read my speech right of the paper and spoke so fast my speech was over in only about 3 minutes. I sat down feeling terrible about it, and stressed about it until I got my grade. But, it turns out the speech wasn’t as terrible as I had anticipated. Even though I was nervous, and did read too fast, I still got an A. I am so proud of myself; I am a much better speaker now than I was before, and feel much more confident in my abilities.
The BA201, Principles of Management final wasn’t much different than the normal exams, but it was a comprehensive final with extra short answer questions. I found the study guide extremely helpful, and I found myself constantly reading it. When it came time to take the test, I really was confident this time. It didn’t take me long, and I only faltered on one or two questions. At the end of the day, I aced that test also.
As always, I stressed out a lot over my PSY101 Intro to Psych final. The exams in that class, while difficult, helped me learn the material. It was one of my favorite classes and subjects, making the final less painful. It took a long time, and my hand cramped more than once, but I did well and was able to remember all of the material I had learned. Because I enjoyed that class so much, I am taking Social Pysch this Spring Semester, and I am really looking forward to it.
But, the final that stressed me out most was definitely my IT109 final. I am relatively skilled with computers, so I figured I could take the Intro to Computers class online. While the lessons were easy to learn, the assignments step by step and straightforward, and the professor more than willing to help, I struggled in that class, mostly due to laziness. (DON’T BE LAZY!!! I LEARNED THE HARD WAY!!) So when it came to the final, I knew I had to do well or it would be impossible to do better than a “C.

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