New York

So the break is almost over, I move back into the dorms tomorrow, and I have way too much laundry.I have barely been home to just relax this entire break, so I’m letting today be my lazy day: I am still in my pajamas and not ashamed!
I’ve done alot of traveling over the holidays. Immediately after finals I flew to Seattle with my mom, and not even a week later I found myself on a plane to Rochester, NY.
My Dad’s entire family lives in Rochester in upstate New York, and it’s always fun to go visit, but I have never visited in the winter time or during Christmas. It was FREEEEEZZING!!!! The weather in AZ is usually so mild, the coldest it gets on most winter days isn’t usually much below 30. It snowed like crazy, the most snow I have ever seen and I had my first “white Christmas!”
We spent night after night visitng family, having huge Christmas dinners and reunion parties with my dad’s childhood friends. For a vacation, we didn’t get much of a rest.
The sunday after Chistmas we rented a car and drove up to Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Toronto is probably my favorite city. It is relatively safe, clean with tons of stuff to do. I am even thinking I might want to move there one day, though it is extremely cold.
In Toronto we met up with one of my dad’s friends (also an ERAU alumni who now flies for US Airways) and saw a comedy show. It was hilarious, and we didn’t stop laughing the whole time.
Afterwards we walked over to the CN tower, and took an elevator all the way to the top. The building had a glass floor so you could see all the way down to the ground below, it was a little shocking how high up we were.
The next day we drove back south to Niagra Falls. I have been a few tiems before, but everytime I see it I am reminded of how incredibly awe-inspriring the falls really are. The view from our hotel room was gorgeous, thirty florrs up looking right onto the falls.
After going back to Rochester, My dad took a few of us to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, an awesome rock/orchestra/laser light show. I loved it, but my aunt didn’t appreciate the rock music aspect of it quite as much as the rest of us did.
We spent New Years eve at my Grandma’s house, watching the news and going to bed early. wooooooooo!
But I am finally home, getting a chance to do absolutely nothing. I bought myself a longboard the other day (Merry Christmas to me!) and now I am trying to learn how to ride it, so we’ll see how that goes.
Classes start soon, and I can’t wait for this semester! I miss my roommates and I’m glad they are all coming home within the next two days. I’ll let you know how the semester goes!

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