Tuesday Thursday Classes

Today my classes are about 15 minutes longer than my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, which can sometimes take a toll on my attention span.
At noon I have Intro to Geography with Dr. Vuk. It is a lecture style class where he often shows videos, powerpoints and different applicable websites. So far we have covered a lot, and the first test is coming up sooner than I expected. I have a lot of tests approaching over the next few weeks, and they always seem to come in groups.
Right after Geography, I go straight to Business Communications with Dr. Theis. His class is very discussion oriented, and he is always encouraging us to talk about our answers, our thoughts and insights within the class. The class always seems to go by much quicker than the rest of my classes. We have 3 portfolio projects due, and while they aren’t extremely difficult, they involve new types of writing such as writing a “bad news” letter or a donations request.
This semester is definitely going to get stressful as it progresses. I already have three professors asking for some intense papers. By the end of the semester I will have written at least100 pages worth of work, which is a huge step up for me.
Film club is going well and the Video Yeark book is going to be great. I am considering running for office in SGA, but I am trying to figure out my schedule for next year before I commit. I anticipate that my classes will only get harder as I go, so I need to take that into account.
I have a lot of homework to finish before classes start today!

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