The Week Before Spring Break

So, as most of you know, Spring Break is almost here and I can’t wait to get out of here and take a break from school! Unfortunately, I have to drag through this last week of school before I can reach that heavenly vacation I’ve been needing all semester. The teachers, of course, have assigned big projects, papers, or exams right before you can thing or smell spring break. Each day goes by ever so slowly, and the evenings of homework drag out even longer. I had 2 big projects and homework that were due before I left, and trust me when I say that I had not gotten any sleep that week.
My roommate and I stayed up to nights straight to finish and turn in our Macroeconomics assignment early, since she had to leave early to give a presentation in Maryland for her McNair research project. We also had a group project that we worked on for our Emergency Management course, which again left me with another sleepless night. Yes, I will have to admit to a bit of procrastination on the last project, however most of the information for our project we already had but didn’t start putting together in a power point…oops! We gave our presentation on Thursday, and mind you I was already dead to the world, so I had to drink a red bull to keep myself away during my part of the presentation.
Oh, does it feel good to have gotten those big projects done…but here’s the side effect of knowing that spring break is coming: teachers also like to give really big exams the week after spring break, and assign a bunch of homework for us to do during our vacation. Isn’t that lame? Well, that’s the reality of the life of a college student. I in fact have 2 big papers that I need to finish by mid-April. I would rather get them done and out of the way during break, but my mind will only thing of vacation and not of reading books.

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