Always more to do

I said in my previous post that I thought I was set for the school year.  As of today, I am two steps closer to being prepared for August.  Firstly, I ordered my linens through RHL, which was recommended by ERAU.  At first I was apprehensive about the company because the price seemed too good to be true.  Well, the package arrived today and, for the amount it cost, the quality was great.  Everything looks well made and I think that I’ll be happy with it.  Being able to order all of my bedding and bath needs for at least the first couple years takes away some stress because it’s one more thing I would have had to do later.  Buying a package also ensures that you don’t forget any necessary items.

Secondly, last weekend, I applied for my student loan in about half an hour.  Embry Riddle sent me a letter with all of the information I needed to get started and through the process.  They were helpful in providing the information of various lenders as well.

I’m graduating in two weeks, so things have been winding down at school.  I have been the newsletter editor and publisher in our NJROTC unit after creating the first one during my sophomore year.  I have since published nine issues, each one progressively better than the last.  Over the past couple weeks I have been busy designing and putting together my final newsletter issue which will be handed out at our annual Awards Night.  I also completed a three month internship at Northrop Grumman last week, where I worked as a graphics/print service intern.  I enjoy building websites, graphics, and video production, so the amount of time spent at Northrop, however short, was very beneficial to me and I hope to continue using my skills in graphics at Embry Riddle.

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