This Past Weekend

On Saturday, we took our senior trip to Disneyland. I hadn’t been since around 1999 at Disneyland Paris, and many more since I had been to the San Diego location. I realized that I failed to mention I lived in Belgium for two and a half years when I was in first grade. My dad works for Solar Turbines and his company offered him a temporary position there. It really gave me a different perspective of the world. We traveled to about ten different countries in Europe during vacations and I was able to see their different cultures, and at such a young age, I think it was very beneficial to how I see the world now. Anyway, back to Disneyland, it was a load of fun because I didn’t remember any of it. Probably one of the biggest things was that I hadn’t been on a rollercoaster in probably over a decade. It was exciting to be able to go on all the rides and an added bonus was that lines weren’t long at all. The picture below shows me on Splash Mountain, a ride I went on five times, which caused my right foot and leg to be wet all day.

I'm the second one back

I'm the second one back

So after we got back from Disneyland at around midnight to a neighborhood in a blackout, I went to bed and woke up early for the next day’s big event. We had our ROTC Awards Night Sunday night which turned out really nice. I’ve posted a link on my website to the newsletter that I made. I started the very first newsletter in our unit three years ago and have been creating/editing/publishing it ever since. You can view the most recent one here: Awards Night Newsletter.pdf (You need Adobe Reader to view the file). This was the first time I used Adobe InDesign to create a publication, which was a huge step up from Microsoft Publisher. The night went well and there were many freshman who were very excited to win some of our special awards.

I just want to mention one more thing; if you haven’t seen the movie Up, please do. If you did see it, but not in 3D, go back and watch it again in 3D. I went yesterday and it was a really neat movie. I love graphics and technology anyway, and the credits at the end told me exactly how much work it took to produce that movie. It’s perfect for parents and kids alike 🙂 Graduation is in two days, so I expect I’ll be writing again in a few days.

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