We did it!!! 2009!

First off, I would like to apologize for taking a while to write. I have been extremely busy this last week. Not only did I have graduation, but my boyfriend came out from Arizona to see me and all my family from across California came to see me this past week. I have a lot to cover!!! 😀 

So graduation was June 10th, 2009! Last Wednesday! It was a great  night, unfortunately it was extremely windy, but for the first time it was not hot!! That was the plus 😉  I was one of the first to walk and graduate since I was a distinguished scholar and top 2% of class. It felt good to be one of the first, but then again I had to wait for all the other four hundred graduates to walk across that same stage. lol. It was a LONG wait. But I’m so proud of my friends and of myself for making it this far and accomplishing such an amazing task! And congrats go out to all the graduating seniors of 2009! WE DID IT!!! 😀

Next news, Last week I also had two scholarship award banquets to go to. I got to meet the Mayor at one and our Congresswoman at the other. They were both for $1,000 each. One was from “The Gas Company” and the other was from “Mission Lakes Women’s Luncheon Club”. Both scholarships were community. The Mission Lakes Women’s Luncheon Club was a group of women who devote their time to hold luncheons to receive donation money in order to give them to their chosen scholarship recipients. I was one of four to receive such award. I was also very fortunate to get the Gas Company scholarship since only 9 of us got this award (5 for $500 and 4 for $1,000), out of the many applications that were submitted. And I already told you about the $10,000 scholarship that I won. $5,000 for the first year and $5,000 for the second. This award insured my full payment for my freshman year, it is a huge relief now! Trust me when I say work your booty off for as many scholarships, because I promise it will pay off, and you will be thanking yourself in the future when your debt is at the minimum!

And the last bit of info…Last days of high school were exciting, stressful, and fun. I just could not believe I was getting ready to leave all my friends that I have known for years. But I was so excited to know that all my hard work payed off and now I was able to be the adult in the real world. I now get to live my dream of becoming a pilot! On the last day of school we had a senior party, it was so much fun. We had bouncers, rock wall, hula dance, hula hoop, face painting, sooooo much food!!! And of course, a DJ!!! There was also contests and prizes, but it was all fun. It was a great way to celebrate the end of our high school year.

So I guess this wraps up the last two weeks, at least the important stuff. Like I said the week of graduation just consisted of scholarships, family, friends, and boyfriend. I also got to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain all day the Thursday after Graduation! That was AMAZING! Wish I had more pictures up, but all my pictures are on my cell and I’m just in the middle of switching companies. So maybe I can fit them into my blog next time 😉

Take care. 😀

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