Frogs, Fish, and Rain

The past week has been fairly busy.  I guess the most notable thing was my being hired as an assistant for Doug Dickey in the admissions department.  I’ll be doing mostly website related work: posting calendar events, updating broken code, and updating the Facebook account.  My second week of classes wasn’t too bad, although I had a little more homework than the first week.  In our Lego class, we began construction on our monster of a vehicle for the upcoming competition.  We have to build and program a robot to grab or scoop golf balls and then take them and drop them in a hole before returning to the start point.  My partner, Brittany, and I pretty much finished the building last week and I worked on some of the program blindly yesterday so I can test in in class next week.  I’ve also started work on a flash animation for my honors class that tells a narrated story.  I’ll see if I can post it when it’s done.

It’s definitely nice having a three day weekend to get everything done and relax also.  The only issue is the crazy weather here.  For example, I walked into a Horizons (school newspaper) meeting yesterday when it was fairly sunny.  We took a 15 minute break and…well, the video below explains.


It was absolutely pouring with a ton of thunder and lightning.  You can here the rolling thunder in the background; sometimes one thunder clap would last ten seconds.  It’s pretty much like that every afternoon, except not as bad.

It started raining on us last night when we were out catching frogs at the lake.  We ended up bringing back two and decided to get an enclosure at Petco.  After much consideration and a little help from the guy at the counter, we ended up with a Beta fish (below);  He is yet to be named.  As for the frogs, we set them free behind our dorm when we returned and they are living happily in the wild again.

beta fish

beta fish

This morning we went hiking in the dells, which is several miles of rocks surrounding all the lakes.  They’re really neat and I got some cool photos.  We did a lot of rock climbing for a couple of hours before heading.  I can say without a doubt that everyone was completely wiped out when we got back.  Someone told me their abs hurt from having to breath so much.  Hopefully we will all be acclimated soon, especially with having to run in ROTC.

Below are some rock climbing pictures


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