My new life

I never thought that I would say this about a college campus, but it’s strange to look around and actually see PEOPLE!  During preseason, campus was a ghost town, so that’s how I got used to ERAU.  Now campus is teeming with students, walking around with friends at the dorms, catching up on homework in the library, or catching a bite to eat at Chartwell’s.  I love not being one of the only ones here!  Parking was considerably easier two weeks ago when there were no other cars here, but heck, I’d rather have people  and walk a hundred more feet to my car then get a front row spot and be by myself!  So as you can tell, I’m excited by the fact that school started!

My classes are so much fun too!  I’ve only gone to four days of school so far (thanks to my team’s San Diego tournament a couple weeks ago) and I love it.  I am used to having four classes a day from high school, so this whole only-having-school-twice-a-week thing is really working out for me.  The only difference is that in high school I got a lunch break and here I have to shove trail mix in my face in between classes so my stomach won’t die on me.  Somehow I think I’ll live.  I start off my day in the Davis Learning Center with Themes of the Humanities with Professor Malnar.  We discuss pop music, culture, society, and how the Beatles fundamentally changed the way music has evolved.  I love that class because I love oldies music anyway, and it’s just so interesting!  Next I rush to the King Engineering Building for IT 109, Introduction to Computers.  Right now we’re learning how to work Microsoft Word 2007 by making ads and posters with art and borders and different fonts.  I had a class like this in high school, Graphics Communications, so I got finished with my assignment relatively quick.  Next we’re learning about how to use the internet.  🙂  My next class is Principles of Management, where we learn about managing companies, leadership, and the ethics involved therein.  My last class of the day is Intro to Global Securtity and Intelligence.  We are reading a very thought provoking book, Warrior Politics, and I really like it!  I love learning about history and the tendencies of human nature, so this book seems to be the right one for me!

Of course, along with all my classes I still have volleyball, church, making new friends, studying, homework, and TRYING to keep my room clean.  I also joined the Swing Dancing Club, (and we have our first meeting on Thursday!!), and my volleyball team and I are becoming tighter as the season progresses.  I love my girls!


This is my team and I in the beautiful San Diego. 🙂

Our team is finally complete, with Marcella Lachowski as a part of our team.  Our next game is September 15 against Southwestern College at 7 pm, at ERAU.  It’s going to be fun, one, because we have our whole team! and two, because one of my high school teammates is on the Southwestern team!  I’m so excited!  Our team is coming together, and it will be interesting to see what we can do! 

So wish me luck, with volleyball and classes!

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”
-William James

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