So my team and I just got back from our games in Denver today.  And guess what… WE WON!  BOTH GAMES!  Boo ya.  We played at Johnson & Wales University, which is a private Christian/Culinary school (who woulda thunk, right?), and we played both Johnson & Wales and Southwestern College, which is in Phoenix.  We had already played Southwestern and lost twice, so it was a big accomplishment for us to win.  We played as a team and the as hard as we could, and everyone felt that it was a game that was definitely up there in our top played games.


Here’s us when we first arrived in Denver, CO.


After our games, our team went to eat at Dave & Buster’s!  It was AMAZING.  It was my first time going there, and it reminded me of a Chucke Cheeses for big kids.  I had the teriyaki steak with mashed potatoes, which was probably the best meal I’ve eaten in weeks!  (Sorry Chartwells.)  After dinner we all took our game cards we got with our food and played games, got tickets, shot down zombies, played basketball, and took pictures.  Gina and Cassie set a trend and “made a baby”.  The photo booth takes both peoples’ pictures and “genetically” puts them together so that you could see what your baby looked like.  Here’s one of their three children (hehehehe).


It looks just like them, eh?



Even after a great weekend in Colorado, I’m happy to be back at ERAU!  Except for the whole coming-home-to-a-clogged-toilet part…maybe hotels aren’t so bad after all… 🙂

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