Finally Legal

You may have been able to guess from the title that I turned 18 last week. My roomate took me to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, which was a nice change from the usual here.  Unfortunately I had three exams last week also, but I was happy once Thursday rolled around and they were all over.

Last week I also got on the school’s new parking committee which is actually fairly interesting from a logistics standpoint. We went over how many spaces there are, the budget we have to work with, what needs to get done, etc. I’m looking forward to some good changes in the parking situation next year.

Last weekend, my friend Brody and I went on a hike through the Dells across the street from the school. We made it to the highest point in the dells which has  a great view of the school and the surrounding area.  I was really surprised when I saw sailboats on willow lake though. I’ve always seen the boat launch, but I didn’t know anyone used it.  Here are some pictures:

Sailboats on Willow LakeView of the Dells

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