This (last) Week’s Festivities/Stress

Last week was my LTAV competition and a Matlab exam, both of which were very nerve racking beforehand. Luckily, both of them went fairly well in my opinion, although I won’t have my Matlab score for another few days. I first started this post 4 days ago, so I found out my Matlab score was an A 🙂

I guess I’ll start with the LTAV competition, which tested the emotional limits of our group for the past week as it continued to produce new flaws. Last Wednesday, for example, it had low batteries so we switched them out rather than waiting to charge the ones that were being used. Our LEGO “bricks” (control module) then proceeded to literally destroy any battery packs that we put in, rendering them all useless. Finally, we put the originals back in and flew around as best we could. On flight day, we forgot that we still had a bad battery in so for our first run we couldn’t get the machine off the ground very well. Instead of flying over the bucket to drop the ping pong balls, we backed in next to it and dropped them there as best we could without having our props fling them in all directions. On our second run, however, we put in a different battery pack and adjusted our ballast which ended up giving us full points and extra points for completing the course in under 4:00 mins. We forgot to film our real run, but I recorded one after…here’s the video:

LTAV Video

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