Crayons, Favorite Shows, Thanksgiving, OH MY!

It has been a busy couple of weeks!  I had to register for classes, get appointments with my academic advisors, and try to figure out what classes I should take.  Thank goodness for volleyball; because I’m an athlete, I got to register for classes before everyone else, even the seniors!  Yeah!  Because of the twelve credits I took this past semester, I’m taking eighteen credits just to catch up!  Next semester is going to be quite fun.

Last weekend, I surprised my little brother by coming home on his ninth birthday!  He’s getting so big!  Levi was so excited to have me be his “birthday present”.  The weekend was really fun, and I got to be a part of the traditional pick-your-own-present-at-Wal*Mart process.  He chose a crayon maker, which melts different crayons together and molds them into new crayons.  So as a result, Levi and I colored all weekend with cool, multi-colored crayons, and therefore had many discussions on whether crayon was pronounced “cray-on” or “crown”.  The sad part is, I’m the one who says “crown”.  It’s how I learned it!  Don’t judge!  Ha.  Just kidding.  You can judge if you want to.  I know it’s pathetic.

On Tuesday night, I started a new tradition.  My suitemate and I went over to Steven’s dorm (yes, Steven Leon, he’s a blogger too!) and watched a new TV series called “V”.  It’s about aliens, and I thought that it would be kinda cheesy, but I’m in love!  Then again, I’ve been in a stage where I’m fascinated by aliens, so I might be a little biased.  Nah.  I’m in love.

My suitemates and I also went to the midnight premiere of New Moon, (yes, I’m one of THOSE people), and had a great time!  We watched Twilight on my laptop while we waited for the movie to start, which was a pretty good idea if I do say so myself!  Everyone else was jealous. 🙂

This past weekend, Anna and I were able to go to Paradise Valley and watch our old high school football team play in the semifinals against Florence, who is my mom’s alma mater high school.  It was kind of funny to think about that!  We went to our friend’s apartment, who lives five minutes away from the school, and saw a few of our other friends from high school who live in the valley now.  It’s interesting looking at the situation from different viewpoints: when I was in high school, I promised I’d never come to anything that had to do with my high school again, but now that I’m out, I go to everything I can!!  I wonder if all my friends who are still in high school think I’m crazy, too.

Well, this weekend is Thanksgiving break, so I get to go home for Turkey Day!  Yay!!  And my nineteenth birthday is on Saturday as well, so it’s just gonna be a great weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Yeah… my family does NOT look like this at Thanksgiving.  Just FYI.  But it’s all I could find!  Ha!

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it.”

-Charles M. Schulz

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