Snow Day at Riddle!

Well, we got our first snowfall on Thursday, and it turned out to be a SNOW DAY!  The whole state is COVERED in snow, and we’re all in a state of emergency due to flooding, tornado warnings, and severe road conditions!  And I came here thinking that this would be a mostly dry climate (and apparently, so did all my friends from all different states!).  Pssh.

The snow day started off for Hall 1 at one thirty in the morning.  Someone had set off the fire alarm, and so our whole hall got to see the first snow.  For half an hour.  It was freeeeezing.  Anyway, people were having snowball fights in pajamas and taking pictures while security had to call the fire truck because, from what I could tell, they couldn’t find the right key.  So that was the morning of the snow day.


This picture was taken at one thirty in the morning.

When I woke up, the snow had multiplied by three!  I called the Weather Emergency Hotline for ERAU, and…. OFFICIAL FIRST SNOW DAY!! 






A couple of my friends and I ate at Chartwell’s then decided to build a snowman in the parking lot.  His name is…er, WAS,… Frosty!  And his dog’s name was Fido.  I know…. so original huh?



Fido wasn’t born yet in this picture.  He came later. 🙂

It rained heavily for the rest of the day, and it washed away ALL of the snow!  So that night, a few of my other friends and I decided to be brave (or stupid) and go bowling!  However, the bowling alleys were smarter than we were, and they were closed for the night.  So we went to the Harkins in Prescott Valley to see Avatar in 3D!  I definitely recommend it, by the way.  We drove safely home, though, even though it was raining like crazy.

We thought we were pretty safe in saying that we’d have school the next day, because all the snow was gone.  But the next day…….

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”  Haha!

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