Ice Skating, School, and Spring Training

So, after the big snowstorm that hit Prescott, things have pretty much gotten into a groove around here.  School every day, church, hanging out with friends, and volleyball are all a basic part of my life.  So far, so good!  Classes are going really well, and I’m excited to start volleyball again.  First, though, I just have to say that I have gotten two hundred percent better at skating than I was before last week!


This is where I was about ninety eight percent of the time.  Hey, it was my first time okay?  Here Teri is being a sweetheart and helping me up… for the twelfth time. 


Here are a lot of the girls who came.  Not that I actually spent a lot of time with them… I was mostly clinging to the wall for dear life!


Our suitemates!  (These are the girls who not only made me feel better when I fell, they were kind enough to hold my hand sometimes!)

Just so you know, I actually made it to the middle of the rink without falling more than three times.  So there, skates.  Domination!

School is really fun too.  My classes are getting more and more interesting as the semester moves along, especially Psychology.  It is so fascinating to me how our brain works and how we perceive certain things.  I thought that I was unique, but apparently a lot of humans have the same reactions and thought processes.  Go figure… my whole life was a lie!  Haha just kidding.  But it really is interesting.

On top of school and ice skating, volleyball spring season started today.  All my teammates and I are going to be in really good shape for next season!  Bring it!  🙂

So that’s my life in a nutshell as of this moment.  But who knows… there is always a change around the corner!

“All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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