Spring Break Part One: Southern California and Vegas with Grandma


One of the wonderful traditions of the American education system is the much appreciated and anticipated Spring Break. Once a year, students flock from all over the country to exciting destinations to escape the stress and routine of their classes.

My freshman year I went home for spring break, as many freshmen do in their first year away from home. Once you get older though, going home isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Now, everyone back home has difference spring breaks or has to work, which primarily results in me twittling my thumbs on the couch… My sophomore year I didn’t have a spring break because I was on a co-op in California, rather than at school for a semester.

This year I decided to make my Spring Break count. A group of my senior friends also decided to make this Spring Break count, since it would probably be their last.

My Spring Break could really be divided into two distinctive parts. The first part was more of a relaxing journey with some form of productivity in mind. The second part was meeting those senior friends in Vegas where I planned to be exceptionally unproductive.

This is the story of the first part of spring break. I started Spring Break officially on Friday when I stopped doing academic work and instead went shopping (I hadn’t seen the mall for more than a month), and enjoyed a relaxing date with my boyfriend.

My journey started on Saturday when I jumped in my car and headed for Southern California, but not the beach side of Southern California that you’d expect. My destination was the middle of the Mojave Desert with three separate purposes in mind: one, to visit my friends from my Co-op at NASA Dryden, two, to shop for an apartment for my next co-op term, and three, to go shopping.

While in California I stayed with one of my close friends and we went out for dinner, drinks, and live music Saturday night. I went clothes shopping Sunday and apartment shopping Monday, during which I successfully purchased a new outfit for a night out, and compiled enough information on the AV apartment market through numerous visits to make a PowerPoint presentation titled “Kerianne’s Apartment Information Reconnaissance Mission,” which I sent to my parents and prospective roommate.

I left Tuesday morning, making my trip just under the three day mark, a rule which my family tends to stick to when visiting and staying with other people. My maternal grandmother always used to say, “Fish and houseguests start to stink after three days.”

From California, I made my way to Vegas to visit my grandmother. We combed over old pictures while she reminisced and told me how wonderful I was (which is something that grandmothers are really good at, and one reason people will go back and visit them). I was there from noon Tuesday to four Wednesday, enough to be filled with lots of good food! I also set up a video chat with my parents, which was the first time my grandmother had ever done a video chat. “What will they think of next?” she remarked afterwards.

Me, Gmom and Jim at a buffet for dinner.

Me, Gmom and Jim at a buffet for dinner.

Tune in tomorrow for the next, and more exciting part of Kerianne’s Spring Break: VEGAS!!!

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