This summer so far feels like one long, hectic, fun-filled weekend!  I am working for my dad’s CPA firm as a receptionist, I’ve been helping my high school volleyball team in workouts and camps, I’ve been helping coach my little sister’s softball team, and I’ve been catching up on all the news here in the White Mountains of Arizona!  Unlike many of my classmates at Riddle, I’m not taking any summer classes, so I have time to catch up with my family and to work.  It’s definitely pretty nice to be able to take things easy after a tough semester.


Here are all of my girls on my sister’s softball team.  Gosh how I love those goofballs!


This is Anna, Jerem and I at Jerem’s graduation.  We all played Co-Ed volleyball together when Anna and I were juniors, and he and our other friend Shelby were sophomores.  Luckily we all still stay in touch!  Shelby just got married, as a matter of fact!  She’s Mrs. Murphy now.  It’s so crazy how everyone grows up so fast.

And here is what I’ve been doing all day today.


I have been sleeping pretty much all day as a result of my ward’s twenty four hour scripture reading, causing me to miss my sleep!  We read the whole Book of Mormon in twenty four hours, and it was so much fun to see all of my church girls and to have the opportunity to be invited to help read to them.

Levi and I also decided that we are going to watch all of the movie classics that we love…


…so we’d better get started!!

This is what Landon, Levi and my dad are doing right this SECOND.


If you can’t tell, all three of them are glued to the Celtics/Lakers Finals game.

So this is basically my summer so far!  I hope that everyone out there is having as great of a summer as I am!

“To see the Summer Sky is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie- True Poems flee.”

-Emily Dickenson

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