BBQ at Dr. Ashworth’s House

I cannot even come close to explaining how cool some of the professors are here at Embry Riddle! Back in high school when I first became interested in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University I would constantly hear and read about how cool the professors are. To my astonishment what I heard back home became true. This week for UNIV 101 also known as College Success our Professor and Advisor had a BBQ at his house for our entire class! When I first found out that we were going to have a BBQ at my professor’s house it seemed almost unreal because that would never happen in high school. We ended up having a great time at the BBQ and getting to know our Advisor Dr. Ashworth not only in the classroom. We grilled hamburgers patties and beef franks and sat around a fire pit. We all agreed that Dr. Ashworth made some of the best chili and beans we have tried. Then we found out that it was Dr. Ashworth’s Birthday so we all sang Happy Birthday and hung out. I love how most of the professors teaching at Embry Riddle actually make an effort and want to get to know their students. It is not anything like state universities where you have a class of 200 people or more in a lecture hall and if you decide not to show up nobody cares. Here your professors usually know you by your first name and class sizes range depending on major and year.  For the freshman class from the perspective of an Aerospace Engineer I would have to say that the average class size for my classes is about 40 students. Another thing is in most of my classes if you do not show up your professor usually knows who was in class and who was not, so it is a better idea to show up to class. Anyways it was a great opportunity hanging out with our professor outside of class and getting to know him better.

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