Volleyball Conference Tournament!

This season, our volleyball team truly exceeded everyone’s expectations!!  We went 7-12 in our regular season, which put us in fourth place for the conference tournament which was held in Houston, Texas!  This was the first time that Embry-Riddle Volleyball has gone into post-tournament play, and so it was kind of a big deal.  And it was soo amazing.  I love Houston anyway, and the weather was so beautiful (granted, a little humid…but still.)  The campus we played on was so pretty.  We were also within walking distance of a sweet little sandwich place that was pretty much amazing.  While we waited for our food (which was fantastic) we played Apples to Apples!!!!!  I loved it.  My favorite, however, was when we ate at Yao Ming’s restaurant.  It really is his restaurant, actually.  The doors are seriously nine feet tall and it is fancy schmancy.  Last time we were there we swore his parents were there!  They were so tall!!  Anyway, Mahina and I decided that we were going to eat a normal dish AND eat a whole plate of fried rice…. AND IT WAS HUUUUGE.  We felt soo sick, but we ate it all!  Kelsey backed out of our deal and jipped us five bucks, but that’s okay. 😛

Volleyball-wise, we played a team from Illinois, a team from Alabama, a team from Texas (who was hosting it), there was a team from Tennessee (yes they are all in our region… it’s a pretty big region!) and one from Phoenix, Arizona.  We won three games and put us in the semi-finals on day three of the tournament.  We lost to University of St. Thomas, the defending champion, who ended up beating the Phoenix team (Southwestern College) out in the championship.  It was one of our best games that we’d ever played though, so it was easier to handle the loss.  We still think we should’ve taken first, but there’s always next year!!

After the semi-finals, we packed up our stuff and drove from Houston to Austin, where we would fly home the next morning.  That night, however, a few of us decided to go have some fun!  We went down to 6th Street, and it was soo much fun.  There were so many shops and pizza places and horse-drawn carriages and different things to look at.  And SO many people!  It was crazy.  There was also a huge, huge, HUGE hotel right in the middle of 6th Street that looked like it belonged in the eighteen hundreds.  It would have looked right at home on Whiskey Row!  (with all of the intricate details on the building, that is… it probably would’ve stuck out since it’s so big!)  We had a great time just wandering around.

So Regionals (er, Conference… er, whatever) was great and we all had a grand ole time.  OH!  And……THE HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT PREMIERE IS TONIGHT.  So I’m pretty much the happiest girl alive, what with having a great season and great times and a great movie.  So long!

“There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.”

-Salvador Dali

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