Introduction to me and my first semester of college!

Hello! My name is Jason Kopczynski and I am currently a freshman here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I am an Aeronautical Science major and I love every bit that this major gives me! Unless you don’t like flying, what is better than being able to fly multiple times a week? Nothing makes the week better than a good flight. As the semester is coming to a close and I am studying for finals, I am going to recap the semester, in terms of my classes.

First Introduction to Careers in Aviation. Not really what it sounds like in the title, this class was more of a freshman transition from high school to college. It was really helpful and my professor was awesome! He always started class with an interesting or cool video on planes or aviation; including this funny one about a JFK ground controller having a rough day

Next, COM 122; my English class challenged me to become a better writer and changed the way I write, which was different from how I wrote in high school.

After English was Calculus. My professor made this class easy to understand and really (literally) made math fun!

Second to last is Private Pilot Ground School. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has the best professors out of any college, as evidenced by having Flight Instructors teach ground school. My professor/instructor for ground school made the class way better by adding personal stories about his flight experiences, including his closest encounter to death while flying (made for a real interesting story, creepy, but now I know what to do if one flap breaks on final!) He always seemed to have something fail or go wrong when he was flying, but always used his training to make a safe landing.

Lastly, there is my flight course (actual flight training at the flight line). My Instructor and I got along real well (good thing) which made learning things a bit easier and non-stressful. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, again, has some of the best flight instructors (former ERAU students) and I got one of them!

In conclusion, my first semester of college has been one of the greatest experiences of my student career ever!

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