Student Preview Day

Student Preview was last weekend and when you actually sit down and think about it, this past year seems so unreal. I cannot believe that exactly one year ago myself along with the freshman class were in the same boat as these seniors in high school who were touring our campus. Keeping busy all year with school, flight, work, and extracurricular activities I didn’t realize how fast time was flying until these last couple weeks when everybody began planning out their summers.  Classes end in a week and one day, leaving us left with finals week. After finals week school is out for summer and everybody is going to be having the time of their life . I will be staying here working almost full time on the Embry Riddle Jet Dragster. I will also be taking summer classes and finishing up my instrument rating. I am not too worried about staying here because it seems like there will be plenty of people staying, also we will have a house by then so not living on campus will be nice. Well anyways study hard and good luck to everybody with finals, hang in there and do not let those grades drop this last week!

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