Surviving Prescott Winter Weather

Hey there, Its me again, and as you might have guessed I have spent a lot of time at Embry-Riddle and in the Prescott area. Well, unfortunately the rumors about our crazy weather are true, monsoons in the summer and sub-freezing snowy streaks in the winter. I can assure you however, that the peculiarities of this gorgeous place can easily be overcome by anyone who makes the decision to spend their next four years here. The four important things to remember are as follows: layers, vitamin c, boots, and brains. I’ll discuss each of these critical needs to survive the weather here, and also one additional thing that you’ll need: A sense of adventure and a youthful disposition towards the snow!

Layers-YOU WILL NEED THESE! The wonderful thing about layers is that you can wear as many layers of clothing as you want in order to stay warm. You don’t have to go and buy yourself a parka when it hits 19 degrees, just throw on an extra shirt and sweater, grab some gloves and head out. If you are in class and you get too warm later just take a sweater off, no big deal!

Vitamin C- This will keep your immune system up so if you get a little too chilled one day you wont get sick. Getting sick and missing classes is a huge cause of extra stress and low grades in college, avoid it at all costs!! Also, pick up some multi vitamins, these will help maintain your natural balance of minerals and also prevent you from becoming ill. We want you to succeed and the student’s health is our main priority, so if you can’t afford to be these at Walmart, or just don’t have the time to, come on by the Wellness Center at Haas . We provide the medical care you need all week long!!

Boots- You WILL WANT THESE SUMMER AND WINTER!! The monsoons in the summer turn center campus into a giant flowing creek, but don’t worry, the campus is specifically designed to keep the creek out of your path but, we can’t prevent some of the deep puddles that form on the walkways. For this reason I urge you to go buy some rubber ducky boots, you know the kind i mean, they look like your grandmas gardening shoes but they are exceptionally comfortable and dry. Most of the summer students wear these several times a week as it is necessary. On the other hand, for winter you will want a good pair of water proof high top hiking boots. These will keep your feet dry if it rains or snows;  they are also quite comfortable as they provide ankle support and traction so that you won’t slip on the ice that forms on stairs and walkways after a big snow. The safety department does their best to keep ice under control but, nature has other plans so please be prepared so you don’t encounter any dangerously slippery situations.

Brains- Please use this, if you attend Embry-Riddle you are obviously pretty smart, so again I ask please use your intelligence!! Observe your surroundings, if a passage way is to icy find a safer path and avoid it. Follow the guidelines for usage of icy pathways and stairs, most stairs and icy areas are marked off by cones to indicate that you must use caution while walking there. Places that are too dangerous will be completely roped off in yellow “DO NOT CROSS” tape. Some campus roads may be closed off because of black ice so please observe this and use caution when traveling anywhere on campus or in Prescott by car or foot. We want you to stay safe!!

The final element that is necessary is a sense of fun, have fun with the weather but, remember to be safe!!!!!

Build a 7 foot tall snowman 🙂

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