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Good afternoon everyone, today I would like to tell you about my new job in Embry-Riddle admissions. As you know, because its pretty obvious lol, I am a blogger but, I was recently hired to be a tour guide here on Embry-Riddle’s Prescott campus. I am really excited about my new position because I love going to school in Arizona and I also like getting to meet new interesting people from all over the world.

Where are you visiting us from??

As a tour guide you get to meet all kinds of people, many are from other countries, veterans of the United States military, potential ROTC students, fresh high school graduates, and  Embry-Riddle Worldwide students. With such a large variety of individuals seeking information  it is very important that they receive an excellent welcome and gain a preliminary knowledge of the campus itself when they visit. We know that each individual will have a different campus experience but we try to make it as informative and fun as possible in order to reflect the culture that we have developed here in Prescott.

To ensure their familiarity with the campus we tour the most important places that are relevant to their major and allow the student to meet with admissions counselors and ROTC representatives if they so choose. In this manner the potential student may gain an understanding of the opportunities they will have to augment their education at the Prescott campus.

I think the part I enjoy most about being a tour guide is getting to meet all the different people and help them in any way I can. I get to share my experiences at the school as well as my thoughts on campus life, as so far everything has been really great for me. I have had my struggles with academics, friends, ROTC, and just life on my own in general but, overall I believe that my decision to attend the Embry-Riddle Prescott campus was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. At Embry-Riddle you get the freedom and the support you need to follow your desired career and even though it can be hard it has been the greatest time of my life.

I really encourage you to visit the campus and learn more about what Embry-Riddle Prescott has to offer you, I am sure that you will find a wonderful educational experience here!! If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit please follow the links below or contact us in admissions, thank you!!

To schedule a visit:

To talk with a Counselor online:

To take a virtual campus tour:

To give us a call:  Phone: 928-777-6600 or toll-free 800-888-3728

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