Even though there was already some information about the fire here in Prescott posted I figured I would add some information from the flight aspect of how it is effecting us here. As of yesterday afternoon (June 18th) a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) was put up just outside of the Prescott airport airspace. The flight restriction only covers the area over and around the fire so the ERAU flight line is still functioning and conducting flight training in the surrounding airspace that is unrestricted. The fire has grown to around 7,000 acres in just 24 hours. Fire aircraft have all priority for departures and arrivals into the airport so flight training is expecting slight delays as the tankers arrive and depart. Two DC-10 aircraft, converted into fire bombers, have been dispatched to the fire here and are operating out of Phoenix’s Mesa-Gateway airport as they are too large to operate out of the Prescott airport. Three other fire airplanes, and at least three other fire helicopters are currently based at the Prescott airport and have been flying all day long. I currently live just across the street from the airport, and have taken a lot of time to watch the aircraft as they operate. The DC-10 is currently the largest operating fire bomber, and is extremely awesome to watch. Growing up in northern California I am no stranger to wild fires, but I must say that being able to see flames from my window is something that really hits home. The fire is still not contained at all, but is not a threat to ERAU, the airport, or the general town of Prescott itself. I have taken several photos and videos that I will attach. I hope everyone is staying safe and out of the way if they live near the fire!

Fire Time Lapse

Fire Aircraft Taking Off

Flames on Granite Mountain as the sun sets.

I drove as close as I could to see the fire before it was very large but the Sheriff already had shut down the road within a few miles.

The DC-10 is a tri-jet airliner converted into a fire bomber.

The view from my apartment!

Smoke from the fire reached the AZ/UT border in just 8 hours!

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