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Some of the cool facilities that we have here are some that you might be quite interesting like the Hazy Library. The Hazy library was built with funds that were donated to the University by the Hazy family, with these funds we were able to build an awesome learning center that has two floors and several rooms dedicated to studying.

The top floor of the library houses the second half of what we call the Kalusa collection, it has 6000 model airplanes that John Kalusa started building in 1937. They were donated to the University upon his death in 2003, and the first half of the collection can be seen immediately upon entering the library.The collection has actually achieved the recognition of a Guinness World Record.

Kalusa holding his creations

Another cool part of the library is that all printing form the 44 computers is free, there are 10  rooms in which you may study or practice presentations, and the library is connected with the other libraries in the county so if you need a book that is not in the ERAU library we can have it transferred to us from another library.

There are so many other interesting facts about the Hazy Library and the other facilities we have on our campus, if you would like to know more I highly encourage you to stop on by some time and/or ask me some questions!!!

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