Heat Wave


As some of you might have noticed, depending on your location of course, there has been a massive heat wave passing over certain parts of the country (a current map is displayed below šŸ˜€ ). Many of the people across the nation just rely on their personal thermometers, their senses upon walking outside, or on the local news. However, this is not the case for a special number of students on the Embry Riddle Prescott campus, these students are Meteorology Majors.

Weather Patterns across the US, showing a heat wave in the West







As a little kid I was fascinated by the thought of analyzing weather patterns, however, we all know that didn’t work out as now I have chosen to become an Engineer. The point is that the meteorology students here on the Prescott campus never lost their fascination with the bizarre patterns of weather, whenever you see a student staring at the sky with no airplanes in sight, I can assure you that you are seeing a meteorology student.

The passion that these students have is alike the passion that each of our students has for their field of study. Embry Riddle Prescott’s campus is for students who know their hearts and also for those who want to find their passions. Follow your talents, interests, and dreams to Embry Riddle and you will meet students just like yourself, and together we can all stare up into the sky looking for planes, clouds, stars, UAVs, helicopters, and so much more!!!

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