July 4th

Hope everyone had an awesome fourth of July, there are so many cool traditions that many families have on the fourth but, the best of all that America shares is fireworks!!

Here in Prescott the fireworks are done out of Pioneer Park which is just within walking distance of the campus. There is also a fair that is held in the park all day until the fireworks at 9pm. I didn’t have the opportunity to go check out  the fair but, I have heard that it is sooooo cool, its definitely something to go and see if you are lucky enough to be here for the fourth. The fireworks are gorgeous and you can actually see them from the lower fields on campus. A good amount of people from the community come on to campus and watch them with us.

A fun tradition that my family and I have always done is a barbeque in the afternoon before the fireworks start. The Fry’s down the street from campus has some amazing steaks that  you can cook up for the holidays or for just whenever!! Most of the dorms on our campus have bbq set ups nearby so you can always use them at your convenience 😀

Hopefully sometime you can come join us here in Prescott for the holidays and enjoy some of our traditions as well as your own!!

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