FTP Starts Now!!


If you join Air Force ROTC at Embry Riddle and you decide to continue in the program to become an Officer in the Air Force then you will go through Field Training Preparation (FTP) during the spring semester of your sophomore year. FTP, is exactly what it means, training to succeed in field training. It lasts the entire Spring semester and like other Air Force ROTC activities it runs concurrently with your schooling.

The overall goal of both FTP and Field Training is to mold you into an Officer of the United States Air Force. As I am now a sophomore it is my turn to go through FTP and Field Training. I am very excited to see what this new section of Air Force ROTC holds for me and I am also eager to attend Field Training as this will get me one step closer to my dream. I will let our reader’s know from time to time how things are going but, for now, I’m looking forward to the future and its challenges! Wish me luck!!

If you are interested in ROTC at Embry Riddle please click here for more information. Please comment with questions and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you!

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