Competition Has Arrived!

Well as of today, the reality of my upcoming flight competition has hit me. Today as I drove to the airport to begin my flight practice, I noticed that at least four of the teams for our upcoming competition have arrived. The first official competition events begin on Tuesday morning, and will continue through Friday with an awards ceremony on Saturday. I will be competing in all 4 flying events, an IFR simulator event, and the aircraft recognition event. This year the competition for our region has been intensified by the decision to combine our regional competition with another region, adding the US Air Force Academy, Utah Valley University, and several others to our competition. Since the competition is being hosted by us, we do have the “home field advantage,” but it doesn’t mean we are taking our practice lightly. This is the only preparation we will have before we fly back out to Ohio in May to compete at nationals in Columbus, Ohio, and we will use this experience as a measurement to see the performance of this years team in a true competition environment. I cannot wait to represent my team and my school, but with that also comes the responsibility and pressure to succeed. I will try to continue posting as the competition gets underway!

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