Just last weekend we had a 3 day break so i spent my time at the Catalina state park just outside of Tuscon. There are plenty of places to camp in Arizona thankfully Arizona isn’t the largest state which makes traveling easy. So if you like camping then you just might enjoy this read.

You might be thinking that Arizona is just desert, well that’s not true. There is the Coconino National Forest, Prescott national Forest, Apache as well as a few others, plus depending on how far north you are you could get all four seasons. So there is plenty to get out of Arizona when camping.

As for the Catalina state park, I only have good recommendations. Fortunately it was nice and warm this time of year. The site is beautiful, you can see the sunrise over the mountain tops from the camp grounds. from the wildlife to the gorgeous nature¬† would definitely go back to hit the trails I didn’t get a chance to hike.¬†

They provide day parking for locals as well as the campers. But if you are looking for nice hikes then this is one place to check out. It has over 5 trails/loops to choose and plenty of wildlife to gaze at. The mountainous desert scenery is nothing to ignore, it is eye capturing. Although the whether remains relatively warm throughout the year, but at night it gets very cold so come prepared.

Now if you are looking for some more intense trails to hike then i wouldn’t recommend coming here, this park is family friendly and has some very easy short trails to some longer more enduring ones.

Thanks for reading, If you want more information about camping in Arizona then I would suggest doing some research about the area and weather conditions because AZ can be sneaky when it comes to weather. Thanks.

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